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TC Electronics Is The Only Company That Screwed Me

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  • TC Electronics Is The Only Company That Screwed Me

    I have been playing a long time and TC Electronics is the only company that screwed me. Line6 has also sold me crap, but would replace that crap with new crap when I contacted them.

    TC Electronics on the otherhand sold me their defective crap, then wants me to pay almost full retail to replace it, would not even tell me what switch I needed so I could fix it, and gave me snooty, snobby, condescending attitude. I will NEVER own anything made by TC Electronics ever again.

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    I am still screwed over by TC Electronics. Total Crap Electronics.


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      Remind us again please - what was the issue? You had a pedal from them with a switch that died? Was it under warranty? If so, they should have fixed it (unless you or someone else attempted to repair it yourself and voided the warranty, etc.) If it wasn't under warranty, they're not obligated to give you part info or tell you how to repair it yourself. No company is obligated to do that, although some will do it anyway, which is much better customer service IMHO.

      As far as a snooty, snobby, condescending attitude, that's never appropriate, and most companies will take steps to discipline an employee for that if it's brought to management's attention. Did you try going up the chain of command / talking to the person's supervisor?

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        The reported footswitch failure is a big turnoff. The footswitch on the standard size toneprint pedals is built into the pedals pcb board of the pedals. The other thing is the switches have been known to get faulty to where you have to step on it multiple times for it to actually engage or disengage. I have owned a few of these briefly but sold them because I wasn't comfortable risking my money on pedals that seemed to be disposable. I am under the impression the switches aren't very easy to replace due to the switches being mounted into the pcb boards and from I've heard TCs trying to charge 60 dollars to repair it for you. Having said that you should get a quality product from day one and not be taken advantage of on repairs because of junky product. The best you can do is risk your money on their toneprint pedals, get a guaranteed 2 years out of the pedals you buy by buying the 2 year warranty (at gc or whoever), and hope you can repair the unit yourself when something does go out.
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          With all the other products and brands out there I came to the conclusion that I wasn't willing to risk sinking $450 on TC Toneprint Pedals just to possibly replace them later with something else and be out the money I spent of the TC stuff (If they happened to fail early on or only last a few years).


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            During the time I owned the toneprint pedals I felt the need to avoid stepping on the switch in fear that it would break and fail on me. It shouldn't be that way. TC needs to go back to the drawing board with the toneprint pedal design and get rid of the junky footswitches and figure out another way to mount the fs to the pedal (and not mount to pcb) in attempt to fix some issues and provide assurance to future customers that their not buying junk.


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              With a Bic Lighter, they are up front and tell you it is disposable. Plus it only costs a few bucks.
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                I'm sorry Player99, but I get a little giggle every time I see you post about TC. It's not that I don't agree with you... I actually do. I've opened up a few TC pedals to check the design and I didn't like what I saw. I didn't like the nut on top of the switch that requires a special tool either. Shure, you can get it off with a screwdriver and a few taps, but seriously, why would they incorporate that design???

                I never had one go bad on me, but with all the bad press, I decided to let them go. I almost felt bad for flipping them without some sort of disclaimer. But again, they all worked for me in the short time I owned them.

                Now the older TC stuff is a different story as far as I'm concerned. Excellent products.
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                  The fact that you have sold your crap pedals and will probably not buy new ones from that manufacturer is the reason I post about my experience. They are getting away with screwing me over but I have been informing the pedal world of their poor quality switches and super high cost repair program to stop them from getting away with what they did to me to the rest of the world. Thank you for listening and dumping your TC Electroncs pedals.


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                    The Company that makes you feel like you've been raped by a train Electronics.