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  1. Excellent review Phil. It sounds like a winner. My hunt for the perfect muff ended a few years ago, but I think I'll give this one a shot anyway! Thank you!
  2. I'm looking for a dual pedal where the first side will make my wife tell me to go play my guitar, loud. The second side preferably a mute button for the wife, so she can't change her mind. ​Actually haven't had gas for a pedal in quite a while. I'm actually racking my brain wondering what I want and I can't think of a single one.
  3. Hello HCFXers! Been a while since I've been on here. I don't think my board has changed much since then. Here's what I'm pretending to play on: [ATTACH=CONFIG]n31984772[/ATTACH] ​I gotta get back over here. The folks at TGP are Ok though, but I really miss the HCFX group.
  4. I hope y'all get some nice things from under the tree! Christmas is over in T minus 55 minutes here in Japan while some of you will be just waking up to see what the jolly man left for you. I didn't ask for or get any music stuff this year as I'm content with my setup for a change. I am grateful that I had a peaceful day and wish the same to you all.
  5. I logged in for the first time in a long time, and saw this. I wanted to ninja in and right back out, but I felt compelled to reply. Hot pickups or not, I think you found a groove for the new guitar. Good job on camera angle to show us how the controls altered the sound. (I'm a neck guy so I won't comment on which I preferred) Have you read all of those books? Nice shirt!
  6. Haha, yeah that was one of my Hyde days. Didn't you guys' folks ever tell you it's not polite to laugh at people?
  7. You're a poet and didn't know it. DigiTech is doing both good and bad things. The iStomp's life was too short (that's for you Tom) and they have some gimmicky stuff (Miko stomp), but I think that they have a lot of good stuff going on. I'm not particularly drawn to effects from a corporation, but as long as they have employee(s?) on the street that's good enough to keep me interested at a minimum. If I could offer advice, I'd say: 1. Put a life cycle disclaimer in their brochures ("The iStomp will stop evolving much sooner than you think.", as an example) 2. Go back and look at the older stuff for inspiration instead of going head-first into the unknown. (The X series were great pedals) Old into the new, as it were.
  8. The stratocaster is one of the truly great tried and true guitars, and deservedly so. Happy NGD! If you think they did it wrong, I recommend you grab a cheap but decent soldering iron, some solder and flux, order a few pots and switches online, and research the strat wiring options. There's a ton of good stuff out there that will get you what you want. Since this guy (or girl) has already been opened up you're not risking any value drops or anything. If you need any pointers shoot me a PM. On the other hand, please don't read the most recent post on here started by me (WWW).
  9. When you say "New Whammy" that makes me think it's a Whammy V. Is that the case? I don't have any issues with the Whammy V, in fact I think it's fantastic. I also own a HOG2 and despite each pedals strengths and weaknesses I decided to keep both. There was a lot of bad reports from some former version whammy owners, so that's why I ask. I think most of the problems in the V have been addressed. Also, a main gripe for all version whammy's is that they don't have a level or blend control (can't remember which). I know previous versions can be modded, but not sure about the V. Now I will say this: If you're on a quest for perfect tone as I was a few years back, consider keeping the thing. I've found the quest for tone never helped my sound any, and I sold off a good amount of perfect pedals because of it. If it's truly noticeable, then you might have a defective unit which needs replacing. If you have to concentrate to notice it, it's all in your head and won't be noticed by anyone but you.
  10. Woke up Got outta bed Dragged a comb across my ... Wait, I don't have much hair so no comb required. Please don't read this if you have something productive to do. (I'm serious) I've been away for a while (sneaking in for posts now and again). Been playing my acoustic mostly. I've been lazy too. Really lazy. I decided to break out of my acoustic slumber today and restring my strat (my number 1. My baby). I polished her up in between the de/re string. Properly stretched the new shiny bringers of tone, then I fired up the big amp and plugged in. I was ready for fireworks. My very cool neighbors are on vacation so I have no reservations breaking the quarter mark on the volume. What I got was just a fizzle. A dud. I didn't feel electrified like I expected after a long break from fuzz, feedback and the mixture of clean timbre and displacement that my strat and big amp normally provide when I let my tiny hairs down. Hell, I can remember being unable to stop the grin even when this beautiful Mexican agave blue sweetheart was plugged into my little 30 watt combo. Now I'm plugged into a beast and can't even muster a smile. To make it worse, I have some of the best effects that I know of, which cost me years of time and $$$ researching until I found what works and sounds best for me. All a big waste as it seems... Maybe I'll just go back to my acoustic. It's been heavily played, but neglected too. There's grime on the edges of the frets and the nut and saddle-nut-bridge (whatever you call that thing) are yellowing. The strings are turning green from oxidation, but my recent hibernation has resulted in a string drought. Even though I can't restore the crisp to my wooden box it still makes me happy. On a very short stroll between my now forsaken strat and my abused but comfortable acoustic, I saw a vision. It was my peripheral vision sillies, not one of those "out of body" or haunting visions like you see on tv. So out of my peripheral (I had to google it the first time, and obviously learned, because I spelled it the second time without the help of technology) vision, I noticed my (also neglected) Burny LP (the MIC cheap version, not the Japanese ones that cost $$$) sitting there on it's hanger. Might as well... [short story time {I made a NGD post on it a while back}] This guitar was found during an impulse pawn shop stop around my wife's birthday. You see, she adores the handmade Japanese clay dishes that are abundant in the area. The best ones are like old records that you can't find in any normal stores. You really have to dig for these things to find the treasures. I actually found a nice set of plates for her during the stop, but I also saw this old, cheap, beat up crappy Burny sitting in the corner with a bunch of other old gutted Fernandes shredders from the 80's. $80 dollars later and the beaten down refugee from a broken home was now in comfort, cleaned up and resting with her brothers and sisters. [back to present time {well, not present as I type, or as you read it, but present as my memory recalls}] So I plug this thing in and damn. It's like Independence day actually happened on July 8th. Just so full of everything happy in the universe. In contrast, I'm very sad to know that my sweetheart will be replaced by another. It truly is a long and winding road. For those who made it this far and are preparing to petition my for life minutes wasted, just remember that it could be worse. You know a moose once bit my sister.
  11. I was actually typing about the second clip. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the music. It's just like he took "needs more cowbell" seriously. In my car I just want to hear intake and exhaust, and maybe the radio when it's on. All that other stuff is distracting.
  12. Well, I left the music playing in the background while I typed that last post up there ^, and it seems to be better during the second half. Plus I had to get the wiper thing off my chest. The damn engineer who built this car decided he would make the left wiper (right hand drive car in Japan) end its travel at a perfect vertical position dead in the center of my view. Not a big deal, right? Well to me it is. Try one time using the washer jets to clean the dirt and dust from your view with this setup. The mud cocktail just collects at the end of the wiper and once the wiper politely vacates, it runs down with gravity *perfectly* into my field of view. So now I have a perfectly clean shimmering windshield to take in the sights. Except for the tiny mud river. Try not focusing on that one time and you'll agree with me. I'm considering just removing the left wiper and leaving my passengers with a blurry view when it's raining. I hope one day I'll wake up and realize it was only a dream.
  13. I really like the foundation and the raw vibe, but again didn't last too long. There's just too much going on in there. It reminds me of my aging car, like the time I had a badly warped rotor. Or when my belts need tightening. The U-joints on my drive shaft are going bad now which results in a rumbling vibration on acceleration and deceleration at certain speeds. Not to mention that creepy lady in my back seat that only appears through the rear view mirror. Don't even get me started on my wipers... My initial statement about the drummer stands.
  14. I only lasted 20 minutes.. The first solo was grrrreat!!! Next 18.5 minutes I thought too much fuzz. I felt like I was inside a cotton ball. (and wanted to get out). <I put a period over there. Dont know why. Left the apsotrophe out on purpose on the last statement. Mis-spelled a word on that previous fragment... The drummer is really good.
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