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Fuzz Factory + Miles Davis = Win.

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  • Fuzz Factory + Miles Davis = Win.

    Recorded this the other day, managing to splice together a backing track with audio from the original session. Then I cranked up the Fuzz Factory and did my best crazed-John McLaughlin/Nels Cline/Marc Ribot impression on it. Pretty fun.

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    Listening on my iPad speakers and it still sounds great! Good job.


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      Originally posted by goodhonk View Post
      Listening on my iPad speakers and it still sounds great! Good job.


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        Really nice work there - lots of cool effects!

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          Sounds real good. That Fuzz Factory sounds super gnarly.
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            Is it as difficult to use as some people say?


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              Which track? tia...Oh there it go, needed a lil bumptidumpti...Nice!!!
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                Thanks for all the positive comments, guys! The setup was actually pretty simple, as far as effects go:

                Stagg T490 (Tele copy)

                DOD DFX9 Digital Delay (in "inifinite" mode for the glitchy loops heard later in the track)
                Zvex Vexter FF (with just enough "gate" to keep it from going nuts)
                Ernie Ball VP Jr.

                Fender NOS Tweed Blues Jr. (set totally clean with almost no reverb)

                Oh, and Goodhonk, the Fuzz Face is definitely quirky - although setting it after the DOD's buffer tames it, seemingly narrowing the range of some of the controls a bit. It squeals less (although at extreme settings it will still oscillate) and the gain range is smaller as well. Ultimately, whether it's before or after a buffer, I think playing with the "stab" and "gate" controls can take you anwywhere from glitch city to fat sustain to theremin-on-steroids. . .just takes some practice dealing with the thing. And I will say that the "core" voice of the FF is still my favorite fuzz sound ever, just a really well-designed box, in my mind.



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                  Miles DOES provide good inspiration, "So What" used to be one of my favs to jam on.... keep up the good work dude.


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                    Sounds great- very much in spirit with the original recording!