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Sharing my working man's pedalboard creation

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  • Sharing my working man's pedalboard creation

    Nothing fancy sound-wise, but, I am a professional musician (singer/guitarist) and I need a board that is small, dependable, and flexible on stage - fussing with loose connections, pedals that won't click on, or regularly bending over to tweak settings does not work for my show. Since I am stuck to the mic, this board with the Nose volume knob in the middle allows me to adjust my volumes without bending over and/or looking down. Same with clicking on/off the overdrive & distortion (left and right of the volume knob). These Hardware pedals may not be everyone's first choice sound-wise, but, they they are good quality and extremely reliable with their switching. And, they are true bypass - I run these stereo into 2 Fender Hotrod Deville 4x10's set on the clean channel (2 x 60 tube watts). We play big shows regularly so the 2 amps has me covered for loud stages plus I have 2 in case 1 goes down. Connecting these pedals are the George L's with gold plated plugs. After 25 of professional playing, I can attest that gold plating will maintain good connections - nickel and stainless steel usually will not. These George L's are amazing... they are small and assemble easily. And, they are dead quite as far as I can tell. I'm powering this Pedaltrain board with the new 1250 pedal train power supply. I'm also happy with that as well. I have had my Fender amps for about 14 years now, but, pedal wise I've been looking for something that is easy to use live and allows me to deal with variable stage volume conditions. I am really liking this setup and think this one will be a keeper for a long time.


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    nice and effective...
    my board is more complicated and error prone


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      thanks for sharing.

      now put a bedroom board together with interesting pedals.


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        George L's are your weak link. They will fail, and you will bomb.


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          We'll see. But, I definitely won't bomb ☺ I bring at least 3 boards to a show as I have a whole trailer full of gear.