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  • fifty foot combo:



    melissa auf der maur:

    pj harvey:

    *SiC Handbuilt Effects & Amps*


    • what's up with y'all liking PJ? She skinny and her nose!

      Btw, Birt, I got a tape of the 50ft Combo's, great surf/rockabilly!
      And from the looks, some VERY hot stage pussy too.
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      Looking for:
      -MXR Envelope Filter & Blue Box ( both block logo's, +boxes and manuals)

      For sale:
      -Boss SG-1 Slow Gear Manual; VGC, 1979 print. Make me an offer!


      • while were on the topic of chicks with guitars , here some from whole lotta rosies

        Hidden stuff is fun!

        WTB: George L's 90 degree jacks (.155 Wire) - if you got some extra, PM me with an offer.


        • Originally posted by Fingermush

          You've seen Lain? What's up with the school girl flashing her panties at the beginning one of the episodes?


          I don't really remember that part. It's been a while since I've seen it. Everytime I try to watch that series, I understand it a little less.

          another picture of paz lenchantin.


          • Joss Stone (not usre if she belongs here)

            Susan Tedeschi (c'mon!)

            Beth Hart (OH YEAH!)

            And as a bonus... a lady with the blues (I saw this lady open for BB and sing for an entire arena without a mic!!): Shemika Copeland


            • I give my vote to Michelle Nolan of Straylight Run. It took me a few tries to get this pic posting thing right.
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              • Originally posted by Jeztastic

                Mmmm... Not the best pic, but she a hottie!

                Who's in the pics Andy?

                That has got to be some of the worst technique that I have ever seen. Holy ****************.
                Originally posted by Metzger
                Our need for affirmation is so strong that every Sunday morning, we gather in a nice fancy building to sing atheist songs, read atheist literature, and celebrate our atheist fellowship, for over an hour. The head atheist of our club gives a 15 minute lecture on some aspect of God's non-existence. The service is very ritualized, to psychologically cement our atheism.

                About halfway through the service, the children are excused for Atheist School, where they are taught atheist fables, like the one about Jean-Paul Sarte converting a priest to atheism.

                Meanwhile, we circulate a collection plate, so we can raise funds for various atheist causes, primarily the improvement and expansion of our fancy atheism building. Of course, we donate a certain amount to poor people so we can feel good about ourselves and our atheism.

                If one of our atheist congregation starts wavering in his disbelief of God, we encourage him to schedule a meeting with one of our elder members, so that we can bolster his struggling non-belief in God.

                If we didn't affirm our atheism in this fashion on a weekly basis, there is no telling what sorts of unorthodox thoughts might seep into our heads.

                "No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot." Mark Twain

                Originally posted by Rico Suave
                Hah!...11-5 so far that being a liberal is worse than a rapist...the truth rings loudly!


                • Detroit Cobras!!!!

                  good deals with Peeling Paint, TJ000, Puckman, Angelhair,T3, Chitown Terror ,hangwire,KjStrat62,
                  senor-penguin,I.P.Freely,Fender&EHX4ever,Gregovertone,Vi cShat,Virex,rdm,tee money,no fate,costch,Phil O'Keefe,fuzzface71,brandnewzo


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                    • Originally posted by billygrahamcracker

                      That's exactly why I didn't post the best pics of Zia McCabe; the ones taken during her playing-keyboard-topless phase.

                      send to moi who does she play for ? my goodness !!!


                      • Originally posted by mrmisse

                        who's boa?.. what have i been missing?..

                        shes a korean brittany spears who huge in japan. not rock for sure...
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                        • maura davis of denali


                          • Wendy Case, of The Paybacks.

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                            • The Corrs are pretty cute...especially the violinist on the left.

                              I used to like Suze DeMarchi (Baby Animals), but then she married that Nuno bastard.
                              If you're reading this, it only confirms what a hopeless computer nerd you are...you're probably a fat loser too...my condolences.


                              • Originally posted by fernmeister

                                caNDY d, DISCOVERED BY dAVE sTEWART OF THE eURTHYMICS....
                                OTHERWORLDLY. Psychedelic, Noise, Shoegaze.Joey Levenson on SoundCloud