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George L cable - dodgy batch?


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  • George L cable - dodgy batch?

    I bought a few metres of George L patch cable a while back, and it's given me nothing but problems.

    I've been using it for years with no major problems, but it's pretty much impossible to put together a cable that works with this batch. No matter how careful I am they don't work and just add a loud buzz/hum.

    I'm 99% sure it's not me, has anyone had faulty George L cable before?

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    I use georg l
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      cable ? hmmm, I had a couple of jacks that were troublesome, not the cable, I've been using the .155 cable


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        It could be the jacks, but that would mean 4-5 have failed at the same time, not impossible but...


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          Maybe the jacks...
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            I had about 1 out of 20 jacks that were unreliable
            best is to cut off about half an inch of cable and try again (with a different jack)


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              Make sure you are just stuffing the cable in the hole and not bending it (that's what SHE said). Don't bend the cable to a right angle. Let the screw being tightened do all the bending for you.

              It seems as if sometimes I will get a length of cable that I can bend and do no wrong with. Others, if I look at it wrong it won't want to work, LOL!
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                So the ones you've had before have been fine, and these are new ones that don't work? I'd send them back mate.

                I've had no problems, I use George Ls for my main leads as well as patch cables and have never had an issue - I'd normally recommend them to anyone.