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Will these trannies work for me?


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  • Will these trannies work for me?

    I just got a Keeley Fuzzhead with an AC187 transistor. I was wondering if any of these others would work?

    - 2n1302

    - GE-X8 (was in the same box as the 2n1302)

    or either of these?
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    sorry i can't answer your question seriously. but i'm sure somebody will.
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      Someone is lucky I'm posting at work.
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        Thread is now about Trannys

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          Won't hurt to try as long as they're all NPN and if the original is socketed (and check the pin-outs to make sure the legs go in the right hole). Probably won't be properly biased (there could be an internal trimpot for biasing) but it could sound good.