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  1. Fender Reverb Clone? I tried looking for info, but didn't find much. Pricey???
  2. A PA system might be the difference between a drug fueled orgy and an actual show. Not that drug fueled orgies don't have their charm.
  3. RaoulDuke wrote: Have you ever tried just plugging your guitar directly into the computer? Just go straight in and record the parts. Nobody really listens to the guitar part unless its really up front anyway so just a flat, dead, direct part will do just fine. Just mix it way back. If you want your guitar way up front, maybe you should ask yourself just who you are trying to impress with the guitar section of the recording, some guitar guy listener with big hair who can play faster than you and will hate your guitar anyway? Just record direct and mix it back and move on. There are more more important things in life that you should be doing. + 1 You don't even need to use an audio jack/sound card or anything. Just smoosh your guitar cable into a usb port. The crunching sounds are normal and indicate a snug fit.
  4. m_Calavera wrote: Mediocrity in an unusabley small box, where can i buy??! So you don't like part-for-part Rats, CE-2s, DEMs, Phase 90s, Big Muffs, silicon fuzz-faces, etc. Tube Screamers, etc?These pedals may not be innovative, but they are fine (and reasonably priced) representations of many classics. Maybe they are too small for you, but they are obviously working well for others.
  5. 9520575 wrote: Nice work soapbladder. I dont do artwork on my pedals. Thanks 952. Well it's what's on the inside which ultimately counts with pedals. Someday, I'll get the tidy pedal guts part down. Bare metal boxes have a badass Mad Max/IED vibe all there own. There's some really cool stuff in this thread. It's nice to see what people are up to when left to their own devices.
  6. I've had the delay for about twenty years. My second pedlol. Still very aurally arrousing.
  7. The best part of BYOC -- is that they offer everything that someone needs to successfully build a pedal. They're not the cheapest kit joint on the block, but for someone who is the least bit curious about DIY it really helps pry that window wide open. I didn't think I was competent to make my own guitar cables a year and a half ago. Now pretty much anything that doesn't require coding I can do myself. CSB
  8. Yeah Coloringpad is right. Tennant is just a little boy in comparison; a marginal scientist at best; and a victim of modern special effects. Just keeping it analogue..... Just sayin...
  9. m_Calavera wrote: petition to add "this person" to the word filter I'll get right on that.
  10. Could make one yourself for not too much $$ if you're a little bit handy and have some time during the holiday weeks. http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.com/2013/12/ehx-ic-big-muff-v5-78.html
  11. Distortion always destroys amps. That is why you should never use a compressor.
  12. I like Devi more than you too... I still would never, ever give her any money. Also, I like you. If that makes sense.
  13. You'd probably be better off with a plug-in for recording stuff. Izotope Nectar 2 (I have 1) is a really nice vocal effect suite, and pitch correction works pretty well. That's $200ish. I saw an Art pre-amp with auto-tune built in for about 200 as well. That might be good if you want to use it live.
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