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  1. This gives me major SG GAS. I'm not too happy with you right about now. I've got one just like it...and one in black too.
  2. I've got a bunch of them but here are my two most recent purchases (and my favorite guitars ever)...
  3. THIS is what you've been whining incessantly about for the last 24 hours over in the effects forum? This has only been going on since the 11th? Seriously? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2780847-Sellers-that-take-several-days-to-ship-items For {censored} sake, you act like he's taken your money and ran off to South America on a hookers and blow binge...with $100 no less. What a {censored}ing loser.
  4. you just happen to sell them too eh? He does. http://www.macdaddymusicstore.com/servlet/the-421/T-dsh-Rex-Spin-Doctor-Programmable/Detail
  5. The clips I've heard of the pedal weren't impressive enough to make me want to buy it...and you could hear the delayed switching in videos I saw of it. Maybe they fixed it.
  6. I tried it in a dealer - no problem at all with delayed switching. I bought it and have been using it since then - still no problem! Macdaddy Music alt?
  7. Brother; I've seriously been meaning to call you!! I figured we would be able to pop out some time after the holidays. Now I'm waiting for a bit of decent driving weather to coincide with a day that the little one isn't spending the night. Will get in touch for sure and get on this. Looking forward to seeing you again.
  8. That dude was cool as hell. I rapped with him for a while. He had a couple of sweet old ride cymbals for sale. I would've bought one of them, but then I remembered I'm not a drummer. Hey Marc. When are you coming down to the bay area next? You've got to come by and check out the new digs.
  9. woah. Wanna go? I may be able to get out there after rehearsal with my bass band.
  10. Bay Area musicians- Gear Swap @ Gilman in Berk this sunday! Come check it out! http://www.euthymia.org/Swap/ I may just have to stop by and check it out.
  11. Over the last 8 years I went from this... ...to this... ...to this... ...to this... I'll be replacing the TC Electronics Nova Drive and the Blackout Effectors Twosome Fuzz with a T-Rex Dr. Swamp and a T-Rex Mudhoney II. If the Strymon Timeline II will do repeat hold, I'll probably replace the Eventide Timefactor with it. Otherwise it will pretty much stay the same.
  12. So far it's been the Keeley Katana Clean Boost. Everything else has been swapped out on my board at one time or another but that pedal has been on all my boards since before it hit the market (I had two prototypes that I got from Robert and I've used it ever since...gave one of them to a friend a couple of years ago because he was broke and needed a good clean boost for his setup).
  13. I've owned literally hundreds of pedals. There's no way I have time to list them all.
  14. Clearly there's some Vox AC30 going on in a big way. But what else? They've got great tones. A friend of mine burned a copy of Uninvited Like The Clouds for me and I'm enjoying it. taco When I saw them back in 1989, they were using Voxes and JC-120's in stereo. They're also still the loudest band I've ever seen live, and I've seen Slayer live.
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