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Press Release: EQD Winter NAMM 2013 new releases


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  • Press Release: EQD Winter NAMM 2013 new releases


    I just got this in my email, and thought it might be of interest to some of you.




    EarthQuaker Devices

    Disaster Transport SR

    Advanced Modulated Delay and Reverb Machine

    The Warden

    Optical Compressor

    EarthQuaker Devices debut Disaster Transport SR: Advanced Modulated Delay and Reverb Machine and The Warden Optical Compressor at Winter NAMM 2013

    Stop by the EarthQuaker Devices booth at NAMM to check out the Disaster Transport SR, The Warden, and the rest of the line: Booth #2493, Hall D.

    Download the official press release as a Word Document here
    Download high resolution print ready photos here

    For Immediate Release
    EarthQuaker Devices LLC
    328 Bishop St
    Akron, Ohio 44307
    Julie at earthquakerdevices.com (email address anti-spammer'd by Phil - substitute the @ sign)

    Disaster Transport SR
    The Disaster Transport Sr is the much anticipated and updated reissue of the limited run Ghost Disaster pedal from 2010. Unlike the first version, which combined our Ghost Echo and Disaster Transport Jr., the Disaster Transport Sr was designed from the ground up to create an intense wash of  lo-fi swirling tape styled echo. It features one darker 600ms modulated delay and one slightly brighter 300ms delay with reverb. Both delays can be run separately, in parallel or series (via the bleed control). When used in series/parallel, the SR will create awesome multi-head style rhythmic delays. In addition to being used as a straight delay, straight reverb, rhythmic delay, modulated delay and old school tape-style echo, it can also be used to create a wide variety of wacky sounds ranging from warped records, clanging flange, smooth chorus, echoed out squalls and various other-worldly effects that are unlike anything else. The switching was designed so each delay can be used individually or in tandem with both true bypass or trails. If you are a fan of old school tape delay and wild lo-fi sounds, you will get hours of enjoyment every time you plug into the Disaster Transport Sr.

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    **bleep** I want that Disaster Transport SR! They should've added a tap tempo input though
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      but the content sounds exciting.

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