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  1. depends on what is best for the person playing it. I've had 7 v.4 OCD's and for cleaner settings and general vibe they rocked. I use a v.3 now.. and it's better for high gain cause it has more mids so it's thicker and works with a clean amp.. but not as much for the lower gain settings.
  2. booher wrote: Old thread is almost two years old so what? I still wanna know about this pedal.
  3. haha i was a polytune mini too much to fit in the small board category.. now my board will be crushed by those medium boards with 15 pedals Glad to see some life in this joint :-) it's been a while.
  4. For Sale/Trade Come at me with offers I'm only really looking for a turbo rat, prunes and custard or a mellow yellow trem but try me.
  5. I sold mine a while back and have been depressed ever since. if your out there. help a brother out.
  6. Deluxe guitars (probs the best shop australia has) is there.. but i would assume it's average in comparision to what you would be used to in the states.. as for things to do in general... The great ocean road is a pretty cool road trip.. will take you about 4 hours to drive.. but you could spend the day stopping here and there drinking coffees.. swimming in the beaches.. bush walking whatever you dig. I'm not from melbourne so that's about all i can help with.. there is a titanic themed restaurant that is pretty kitsch.
  7. 9520575 wrote: I watched that show a coupe times. I slightly chuckled, a small amount of times. Its a pretty crappy show. poorly directed, written and acted. I like his stand up a lot more. some people just don't get it man.
  8. http://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/Overdrive-Pedals.html Kind of gave me a headache scrolling down at them all.
  9. Go to prymaxe vintage after you sell this. use the token gear15 code at the checkout. $169 with free shipping you will make yourself $5 for free :-)
  10. Is there a big muff pedal that's more transparent than the EHX ones? maybe one that a boutique builder makes? I don't mind if it doesnt have the original logo and all that. The sound is the important thing. if anyone can help me out it would be appreciated.
  11. If they do a PS4 version i'd give it a go..
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