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  • Your DIY pedal board cases

    My suitcase which my gorm board fit perfectly into decided to die completely after my last gig. But considering it was only meant to be a stopgap and it's lasted me 2 years, I'm happy to gain all the indie credz by taking my pedals in a bag and playing them on the floor at gigs for now.

    So show me pics of your homemade cases. How did you go about making it? Tips on what to avoid or added extras people may not have thought of?

    And yes, this is directed at the 4 of you that still use this forum.



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    In my experience, it's much easier to find a cheap case then make a board that fits rather than try to fabricate something for an existing board.


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      I'm seriously hoping that's not the case because I would rather not have to start from scratch finding a new case and then making a board to fit. Laziness is the operative word here as I have half of what I need really.

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    I have a gorm board, with a keyboard gig bag... perfect fit

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      as one of the remaining four members, i don't use a board.