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    People keep raving about how versatile it is, and how good it sounds particularly with an AC30.

    It seemed out of stock EVERYWHERE back when I had my AC30, which I since then sold because that thing is heavier than a boat anchor and DAMN LOUD. Too loud for home use that is, even with my attenuator...I had to choke it too much to get anywhere near the rich chimey tones it gave me at rehearsels...

    Anyway, I'm on the lookout for a used AC15C2...No harm in already buying a good dirt pedal to team it up with, right?



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    They sound great through pretty much everything but Fenders (sans Bassman). I had one on my board for a long time.
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      Yeah, they sound killer through an AC30. I think of it as a softer Rat.


      • bieke
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        I thought this was an ancient thread that was bumped

        Yeah, it's tailored for Vox amps, and there have been quite a few revisions if I'm not mistaken

        the original Hotcake dates back to 1976

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      Yeah, I need to get rid of mine to get a drive that will work better with my Princeton since I got over my Vox phase. It makes my Fender sound like it's dying.
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      • Trick Fall
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        Love mine with my DRRI.

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      Works great with my Jag through a silverface Deluxe Reverb, but I've got a 50W Alnico Weber Blue Dog in there. I've always found the whole "sounds ****************e through a Fender" thing is more to due with the speakers than the amp itself.


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        Yeah, great pedal. I love it through my handwired AC15. Tried it through a Super Reverb at our practice space a couple weeks ago. Sounded OK. But through a Vox, just sweeeet.

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        • thom
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          Current amp: DRRI. Love it. Also loved my AC30 though, which I sold cause it was too loud for home use. As it turns out, so is the DRRI. So the answer I came up with, to replace the DRRI and cheapish meh distortion pedlol: AC15 + A/B box + attenuator + hotcake