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Today I recorded something awesome.


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  • Today I recorded something awesome.




    I wrote this song called Ketamine (demo is here https://soundcloud.com/travisbrowning-1/ketamine-demo )

    and today my friends came over and brought over some real gear so I wouldn't have to use my macbook mic for it...huzzah. It's got lots of strings, piano, glock, a banjo a harmonica, harmonies out the wazoo and surprisingly only 2 guitar tracks. Anyways, you'll be able to hear it when this collection of songs is done. But , yeah, I had fun tonight. Recording is fun, writing songs is fun, friends are fun. 
    Goodnight guys!




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    —-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, friend.


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      Audix i5?


      Sounds like you guys had a good time - and that's the most important thing. Music SHOULD be fun!



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        Phil O'Keefe wrote:

        Audix i5?


        Sounds like you guys had a good time - and that's the most important thing. Music SHOULD be fun!


        Yup! We used em for pretty much everything and he did a lot of stereo micing and stuff. We also used some MXL condensor for a room mic on some tracks. 

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      Best way to record. Good times man.
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