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    I am a rhythm guy. All of my tones are set up for that, pretty much, with pretty even volumes throughout the clean-OD-Dist range. There are a few (very few) times in our set that I'll actually play a lick that might count as a 'lead'... 

    The 'More Drive' option on my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III dumps more gain INTO the preamp, so it's not really the best option for a boost, because it changes the sound, too. 

    I'm notoriously cheap. When I was looking at the options for boost pedals, I was pretty shocked to see that they are no cheaper than the boutique pedals that are out there, and there are a ton of boost options... 

    It occured to me yesterday that I have a DOD BIFET preamp pedal in my bag of tricks. I use it for when I play my Martin acoustic, which has only a peizo pickup and no EQ. It helps to smooth out the sound through PA systems. I rarely play the Martin outside of the house now (as I have a very nice Garrison that has an EQ) so i decided to try it out as a boost. 

    It has plenty of volume that it can boost, that is for sure! With the TONE knob, I can also dial it in a bit so that leads have more body along with volume. 

    Would you recommend running it at the end of my pedalboard chain or in the loop? I do have a delay pedal, which is currently last in line in the PB chain. How would you run this setup?

    Guitar - Compressor - OD - Dist - Delay - Boost - amp

    your help is greatly appreciated!

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    It is supposed to be like a Klon pedal. I put mine at the beginning. Not sure if it is best though....



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      I have a fa-1, i heard thats a less well known copy of the fx-10

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    They're so cheap, it's ridiculous. The last time I saw one at a pawn shop, they were asking ten dollars.


    For Klon toan.
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      FX-10 sounds more transparant than a Klon

      I've had a FX-10 for 12 years or so, use it for acoustic with a soundhole pickup

      only tried a Klon for the first time recently, it was OK as well

      but after reading and hearing so much about it, it expected more of it

      FX-10, I did not expect much of it, but it works great (for that acustic thing)

      never thought of using it as a boost for electric



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    do you get naked when you see gear you like?


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      usually    ,   edited....  BUT   these Gents especially Dr Hangdrew are FAR BEYOND "LIKING" DOD STUFF.  Hangdrew foams at the mouth for DOD stuff , this display would probably leave the store with dr drew. 

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    It's hard to imagine a half rate troll would know chat nicknames yet be totally off on the limited dod pedals I like.... It's like robo took a spill off his trike and is recovering from head trauma with the forum open in front of him.... No robo wouldn't be this dumb even then...

    New trolls for an improved hcfx

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      hangwire stick around please

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    I am around, more here when taking a sick day though

    FOR SALEBruno Royal Artist 12 string hollowbody $525Tapco 6000R spring reverb mixer


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      all the best


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        PKTrono wrote:
        all the best


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