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Crud, a new guitar arrived for review just a few minutes ago...


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  • Crud, a new guitar arrived for review just a few minutes ago...

    ...and I have to wait until tomorrow to open the box, since I've been asked to do "box opening" videos of all the new stuff as it comes in, and it's now too late in the afternoon to shoot a video - the light's not right.

    First-world problems, I know... but it's that Squier VM Jaguar that I've been waiting forever to try out...




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    I don't see what the problem is.



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      Is it surf green?

    • Phil O'Keefe
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      Lou Speed's Alt wrote:

      I don't see what the problem is.






      I should have thought of that!


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    I don't think there's much "more" you can do with a box opening. If you want to record your thoughts and impressions, one would think a review that has some time and experience spent behind the instrument would be of more value than a first impression.

    They're useless videos, and we can all tell you're put up to the task. Sweet lord Phil I hope they pay you well.
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      maybe they're hoping for a repeat of the marshall class 5 box fiasco.