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DOD 250 vs MXR Distortion+

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  • DOD 250 vs MXR Distortion+

    Reading up on these 2 classic pedals, apparently they're virtually the same design?

    How do they compare with each other.. is one slightly brighter or fuzzier than the other? Or is it too close to tell?

    A big point that everyone seems to praise about the DOD is how "transparent" it is... can the MXR also be considered as such?

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    What? Nobody wants to discuss the DOD 250 vs MXR Distortion+? In an effects forum?


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      I own both of the 1981 yellow dod 250 with mylasia 741 chip & a 1981 mxr with led and the same 741 mylasia chip in it with 270 germainium diodes. the mxr is warmer has the vintage randy roads/ evh tone sounds good by itself. The dod 250 has more volume clean boost and will cut throught the mix live better and you have to play with it to dial in the sweet spot. IMO i like them both but the mxr has the tone to die for.

      The dod 250 mtches beeter with my strat and the mxr is a match made in heaven with my les paul. I find myself liking the older pedals and amps and guitars. i am selling my ocd v1 70's fulltone pedals because they sound to modern or solid state to me. The older pedals seem to enhance the gear you all ready have. All my music heros are dead or retired. 50's,60',70's some 80's after that it seems t orientated to the masses for revenue only.

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    buy the byoc 250+ and have both.
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      I thought they were essentially the same ...
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        Yes they are essentially the same -


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          buy a YJM308. They are cheaper and can be modded either way. I have one that I modded with mosfets for clipping and more bass. It is my main distortion... Very fuzzy.


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            I heard the Dano Pastrami OD is the same as the DOD.


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              OK here is a quick clip of the modded YJM308....

              strat with GFS vintage into the pc =

              First clean
              YJM gain at 120 and about level at 12:30
              YJM gain all the way level at 12:30

              Enjoy -


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                Wow, thanks Bass econo, I had no idea.

                As best I can find, the MXR first appeared in 1974, and the DOD in 1978, so I'm guessing the DOD was cloned after the MXR?

                Otherwise, here's the links in that post which compares the 2 circuits:

                DOD 250:

                Distortion +:

                Note the distortion + has a tone stack on the end and LEDs for clipping in the IC.

                In addition I found this:

                If you're a fan of either the DOD 250 overdrive or the MXR Distortion+, then you probably already
                know that the two circuits are nearly 100% identical with the exception of a few component values...

                Yea, I'm noticing in the rabbathrecording schematics that some of the parts are slightly different values, for instance, the MXR has R2, R3, R4 values of 1M whereas the DOD has smaller values there... and in addition those LED's and tone stack...

                ...but what does that mean in theory? Despite the similarities, should one have more gain or treble or bass than the other, or what?


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                  To my ears, the DOD 250 has less distortion, it's more of an overdriven sound as the name suggests. I have a vintage MXR "Script Logo" Distortion + to compare it to, though. Not sure how the newer versions compare.

                  P.s. The DOD 250 sounds awesome on bass as well.
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                    I was super disappointed with my DOD-250. The first one I got was a vintage model that was broken when I got it (first and last time I used ebay). So I got a reissue version. It sounded good, but when the gain was above 12 in bypass mode the distortion bled through into my clean tone. The higher you turned the gain, the worse it got. I don't think I will ever buy a DOD product ever again.

                    My only experience with the MXR distortion + is playing it in the store but it sounded amazing and I'm definately gassing for one.
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                      The DOD250/yjm308 is the perfect compliment to stack on a Distortion +. Both have clean circuits and no intrusive tone control. My addvice is too run a the YJM knobs at 120, and the distortion + knobs @ 7/10. You can have them on together, or separately so you get a wide range of distortion levels. To clean up the signal running to the amp add a ISP decimator to the chain and finally a MXR dynacomp for strength. Use your amp to EQ anything out of tone.

                      That chain will keep you intrested with variety, and wont let you down.

                      The YJM clip will scare people away. Bad example , but nice gesture.
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                          To my ears, the DOD 250 has less distortion, it's more of an overdriven sound as the name suggests.

                          That might make sense...

                          According to the schematics and resistor/cap values, is it plausible the DOD will produce less gain than the MXR?

                          Or what does anyones ears hear in comparison?

                          Is it plausible that DOD simply took the MXR design and recreated it with just a few less parts (to save money) and this results in slightly less gain?


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                            The dod also has more volume on tap than the mxr, so you don't have to dime the volume knob to get unity gain.