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Problem with Bugera 6262


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  • Problem with Bugera 6262

    I have a Bugera 6262 combo that just started a weird intermittent problem. While it's on the clean channel, sometimes it jumps itself to the crunch mode. While it's in the crunch mode, the footswitch becomes inoperable, and I can't get it to do anything. The lead channel button won't activate while it's doing this. I thought it was the footswitch, but this has happened without the footswitch plugged in. This has happened a half dozen times over 6 months. I took it to my local tech, and he couldn't get it to do this. Everything checked out normal. Anybody have an idea?

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    I have a similar problem with my bugera. sometimes it switches to the lead or crunch mode by itself. I only use the clean channel so it used to switch to the lead channel on its on a lot. but now it doesn't do that anymore. I hope it remains that way.
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      Can you post a schematic for us? Sounds like a switching transistor problem, but who knows.
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        A common problem with modern amps is the cheap and dirty voltage regulators that use a Zener diode and a power resistor.

        The power resistor heats up and sometimes causes an open circuit that can result in unexpected voltages which confuse the logic circuits that control the switching.
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          You could ask the tech to make only one channel operable. that's what i'd do. I only use the clean channel so maybe u could 'disconnect' the other channels.


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            Have you checked if yours is susceptible to radio frequencies as in RC car controllers?
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              Good for posting the schematic.

              I have a few questions first.

              Was the air temperature the same each time you had this problem ?

              Had the amp been running a while when this occurs?

              Are there any common circumstances associated with the problem occurring?
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                I don't have a schematic. I am absolutely not interested in "disconnecting" the lead channel. I would buy an amp with only clean, that is not an option. The gain channel is amazing on this amp, that's what I bought it for.


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                  It has happened under completely random circumstances. The power resistor idea sounds logical, I will mention it to my tech, thank you.