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What amp is The Monkees' Mike Nesmith using here?

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  • What amp is The Monkees' Mike Nesmith using here?

    I recently watched some of their live videos from the 1997 tour and Mike's tone is really nice and twangy.  I know he's using a black strat but what stack is he using?  Thanks!Picture 1.png

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    Looks like Fender Supersonic?



    Nice amp.

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      It may be a newer super Sonic 100 which comes in black.  Its definately a fender amp.

      Its hard to tell if its a reissue but they had carpet coverd amps for awhile back in the 80's? Or the carpet may have been to the cab and heads later.  Cant tell if the knobs are white, if they are it may be an earley 60's bandmaster or bassman head. Its likely a 100w head driving those cabs.  I'd take a guess and say its a 100w bassman pro head or possibly a super bassman 300w.

      It looks like it has enough knobs in the photos to be one of these.



      bandmaster head made around 1964, but without a better photo I can only guess.


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        I'm guessing Bassman or Bandmaster