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  1. I looked up his rig and it said he has a Roland Jazz Chorus as well
  2. What did he use to achive such a nice chorus sound? Not a huge Police fan but I really like the chorus effect Andy had.
  3. Thank you all. Anyway I haven't been on in months because all the crap involved in moving to a new house scrambled my brains then I forgot my password then so on but now I'm back
  4. On my Ibanez the old Gibraltar bridge is kinda grungy looking plus there is a red tarnish spot on it. The brass saddles are tarnished too. Anybody know of a metal polish that'll shine it up?
  5. I hear you can increase the volume by simply clipping the c11 but I wired in a switch to toggle between the c11 being omitted from the circuit and the c11 in the circuit but when I toggle between each position it has no effect on sound. I used a spdt on on is that why there is no change in sound?
  6. Anyone here know of any mods for this pedal. From my understanding the LEDs are used for clipping.
  7. Only ones I tried was EMG and Mighty Mite both didn't impress me at all but that's my 2 cents
  8. I will do an update once I get a 2sk117 since I can't find a J201
  9. So what wire on the guitar goes in the input of the circuit?
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