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  1. I was thinking maybe like one over head and on or near the kick/floor tom....so it's semi stereo. Think Led Zeppelin and weird panning haha. I have no problem having it panned weird but I agree that I need to have a mic at least near the kick...I guess I'll experiment with what I have.
  2. Also I played everything in songs- I'm not a drummer really so don't hate haha. And they were more tests/ideas so obviously not finished things- just to give an idea of the sound of drums/mics/focusrite.
  3. Ughhhh posted got messed up. Using two oktava 219 currently into focusrite 2i2 and ipad. Looking for a better pair for stereo recording or a stereo mic. Have MXL V57M and a pair of 603s I don't love. "Super indie" and "311 style jam" we're oktavas as OH and kick. Looking for a better more open sound. (Lots of EQ and comp on those to suit music and just make mics sound better. Tried ribbons- not good for my small concrete space. Looking for a natural sound between early rock (Zeppelin) and jazz. Don't wanna submix just want to work with two channels. And hopefully get decent stereo. "Recorderman" method did not work with those oktavas- sounded all sorts of wrong and phased.
  4. I ended up getting and modding a Gretsch g5222 cutting resistor 19 and getting nos tubes. May run it through an external can no point getting a better 6 inch speaker lol.
  5. I have my Vox AC4TVH and matching cab put nos tubes in it- actually like a 12AV7 for preamp. Anyway- my 64 6G6B Bassman is too loud and bright- so is my Mesa Trem O Verb half stack. I've sold off many other amps. If I could afford/find an original evil robot or an actual Magnatone I'd go for that. I want something dark- and gritty sounding. The Vox gets close but it's too "nice" sounding and the gain it has gets too fuzzy. I'm open to any cheap "sleeper" vintage Mps or any modern ones I may be missing. After watching many Phil X videos with the original tonemaster or the evil robot ones (not as cool) I want something that has that almost tweed/fender tone but more....thick and with less high frequencies.
  6. It was probably the Tonemaster if that's from 97... http://jeffsguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Tone-Master-e1341353027131.jpg
  7. Is it just basic major scales? It sounds simple but honestly I'm one of those stuck on a few pentatonics scales people.
  8. One more question I was reading something about Mesa effects loops always using part of the dry signal? Do certain pedals work better in a Mesa/parallel? loop
  9. Agreed. A Zoom G3 would be useful. would the line 6 thing be much better sound quality? Also i guess the only thing I'd run in front would be dist/octave pedal so maybe get one of these and just like 2 other pedals?
  10. Why not get something like a Line 6 M9? It will give you a great variety of things and help you to rather inexpensively determine the sorts of sounds (and pedals) you like. It's compact, can do three effects at once, has a tuner and looper onboard, and is relatively reasonably priced. Seems cool only issue I can see is it would only be going through the loop, or in front which may cause an issue for some effects?
  11. Do you currently have any pedals that you're already using? Not really...I own a Vox Wah, Tweak Fuzz, Hendrix Octave up and I would honestly not put any of those on my pedal board, they were bought pretty much for when I was in my Hendrix phase. I used to own a Boss OC2? But it was stolen. I'm trying to keep this pedal board compact, and with only the basics.
  12. Who makes decent pedal boards? Also I'm gonna be running a Trem-O-Verb with the loop or a OR50 or Blonde Bassman without a loop, so I want something that works with all that. It's gonna be for everything from 311 to Eric Johnson. So far I can think of: Delay Octave Distortion/Booster Chorus Anybody have any preferences for brands with a good cost/value/quality ratio?
  13. So i ended up with, at least for now, a Tweak Fuzz, which sounds good. But setting my amp semi distorted (Marshall Class 5) and kicking in pretty much any pedal, seems to keep it about the same volume. Even the octavio cranked volume and minimal drive, (so semi "clean boost") doesn't seem to make the volume do much. In fact sometimes going back to the semi clean/dirty sound, sounds louder! Am I just hearing dynamic range shifts or something? It sounds louder when I kick in kinda, but when I take them off after a few seconds it sounds pretty much the same volume. Do your ears compensate that quickly for semi loud sounds.
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