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  • Originally posted by psychodave
    WTF is with her toes...? (I would still f the hell out of her though)

    YODA toe!


    • Originally posted by Randy Van Sykes
      "You better not be looking at my boobies"

      you damn right I am bitch!, now suck my dick!
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      • Jessica Simpson has a great body, no doubt there. I just think she is extremely unattractive and the fact that she's a ****************ing moron is even more of a turn off. Whoever said Jennifer Conley: She's a beautiful natural woman that isn't a stick or a moron.

        My favorite 'celebrity' woman is Adriana Lima; imo she'd look better if she wasn't so thin. I as well prefer dark hair over lighter hair; but of course I don't persue or not pursue a woman just because of her hair color.

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        • This is the best thread I've read in a while.

          Keep it coming, Mega especially.
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          • my ex wasnt too shabby
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            • Originally posted by TomVanDeven
              This is the best thread I've read in a while.

              Keep it coming, Mega especially.


              • Originally posted by DoubleBarrel

                All women have issues............some are just hotter than others


                + infinity-and-a-half!


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                • I don't know who she is, but I'de hit it:

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                  • Originally posted by Megadeth7684
                    I think she's very hot.

                    me too.


                    • Originally posted by Roccaforte Amps

                      I didn't know you knew Jessica?
                      She's no a celeb, just a nice girl. Very clean, no bull**************** body enhancements, just natural beauty. Jessica is not.

                      i have to agree here. i think this chick is smokin.
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                      Originally posted by No Soul

                      yeah, cuz bolt on models are only 100 dollars worth of wood

                      but set neck models are 100 dollars worth of wood, plus priceless glue


                      • Originally posted by Roccaforte Amps

                        Take your hands, and cover up her hair in this pic,
                        I'm telling you she has masciline features.
                        Especially that chin.

                        you on the crack pipe again, Doug? She may not be your taste, but a guys face? Sorry, don't see it. I don't know any guys with BJ lips or eyes like that. She's got the perfect, pouty "insert tip here" lips. Then of course there's the world class rack. IMO she's about as hot as it gets as far as celebrities goes.

                        Of course I'm parial to the dirty girls who are as hot as that but will show their goodies too! Might even play a few games for you like "Hide the Knuckles" or "How many Finger Do I have Up?", gnome sain?


                        • Originally posted by Randy Van Sykes

                          I wasn't going there.

                          you won't go there buit you'll let chicks stick their fingers up your ass?


                          • More chicks anyone?


                            • Originally posted by Roccaforte Amps

                              She'd be a lot better if she wasn't a nail biter, that turns me off instantly.
                              Chicks must have non-chewed finger nails.

                              Damn're like Columbo when it comes to hot chicks!

                              "One can never have too many great tones."


                              • Keeley Hazel-

                                And of course...