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Fender Mustang 1 or Peavey Vypyr 15?


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  • Fender Mustang 1 or Peavey Vypyr 15?

    Need a bedroom/ practice amp. Only choose between these. Main thing I'm looking for is good amp models. Effects aren't a concern.
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    I don't have any experience with the Mustang, but I have the Vypyr 15. Pretty nice little amp for under $100.


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      Both fine, I'd lean towards the mustang..


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        I have the mustang and it works and sounds great.
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          Wife got me a vypyr 15 for xmas, so Ill let you know if I remember.
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            I have a Mustang I and I dig it for a cheap jam amp (this coming from a cork sniffing "made in USA" guy)
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            Originally Posted by SweepLegatto

            The noise comes from the cabinet, not from the pots of the front panel.


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              Mustang amp models are better overall than the Vyper ones for clean/classic rock.

              If you want metal tones go for the Vyper.
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                FWIW, I dug the metal tones on the Mustang I that I had. Really good if you like the semi-rumbly in-your-face stuff. You did have to edit patches with the software to get the mids up though. The default settings suck ass and the knobs on the box won't let you get it sounding much better.
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                  Quote Originally Posted by sirkonks
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                  Need a bedroom/ practice amp. Only choose between these. Main thing I'm looking for is good amp models. Effects aren't a concern.

                  I did bought the Peavey 15 Watter and was surprised by it. You can get very good tone and the price of the amp is really cheap.. THe 15 watter is loud. I can jam with my band with it no problem!!!

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