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*Warning: Home Depot Scam*


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    Originally posted by squealie
    There's like $3 in my wallet.

    Sounds like a bargain.

    Looks like I'm HEADING to the Depot today.

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      Originally posted by squealie
      There's like $3 in my wallet.

      Sounds like a bargain.

      I was thinkin'... I've got a coffee shop reward card and a half-filled Quizno's card... they'd be pretty pissed.
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        Congrats!~ That rules!
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            Originally posted by gainfreak

            i just pissed myself. That said, I'm going to the depot during lunch.

            I was there this morning at 6:30 A.M. and now I can't find my freaking wallet.
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              Home Depot, here I come....and I am not bringing my wallet muhahahaha
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              Originally Posted by exafro

              Tell your friend the internet said he's a moron.

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                this has happened to me many times but with older girls say 50s or so
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                Originally Posted by jjpistols
                yeah it's funny to watch internet idiots talk **************** knowing they've never accomplished a ****************in thing musically


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                  Now thats the kinda Scam I wouldnt mind being taken for. And multiple times.
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                    I can't believe those bastards. Why do the bad guys always win? Much mojo sent to you and your family, man. I'll sign any online petition you start.
                    This is much worse than that ceiling tile or 357 crap.
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                      Did you go home and find your Recto replaced with a pile of sheetrock?


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                        LOLO!!!!!!!!! QAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!!! Dang that was good!

                        You are a bad man.

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                        Originally Posted by FZRJunkie

                        I appreciate this thread.
                        So I am with the OP 100% and my thanks to him, and I am glad he took this macho stance, as he had to "seemingly" burst in like Bruce Campbell to get the exposure necessary to properly nuke these idiotic stigmas.

                        Hail to the King Baby!


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                          Is this for real?
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                            Ted's of Beverly Hills Steakhouse - "We want to put our meat in your mouth!"


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                              i don't have any projects in mind, but i'm thinking of going out for some lumber tomorrow


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                                I've been buying them cheap "Made in India" wallets. Pack each one with a 1 dollar bill. I just spend the whole day driving from one Home Depot to the other.

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