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pedal boost in fx loop?


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  • pedal boost in fx loop?

    Any one using a pedal boost in their FX loop?  How's that working out?  I've been boosting at the end of my pedal board (last pedal in line) but wonder how it would work out to put it in loop instead. 

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    Hmmm....the main purpose in a booster is to puch the pre grid in the nutz....I would think that putting it infront of the poweramp might produce some un intended results.....are you trying to get power amp distortion?

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    • timrocker
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      Hi 3shiftgtr, actually, in this case I'm trying to boost my solos without changing tone/gain.  I know what you mean-boosting ahead to make the next stage over drive.  I'm doing all of the distortion in my pedals and looking to boost where it will just bump the volume higher. 

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      Not if you are looking for a volume boost for solos, etc.

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    What kind of booster are you talking about? If you mean an OD pedal with the gain down low, the results probably won't sound too great.

    But I've run a parametric EQ pedal in the loop before for a volume boost. Wasn't boosting overall volume, but adding mids to cut through better. A volume boost would have worked fine, but it just wasn't what I wanted.


    Can also depend on how hard you're pushing the amp. If the power section is being pushed hard already, hitting it with a bit more volume isn't necessarily going to give you a volume boost (much the same as hitting a driven preamp with a boost is going to give you more drive rather than a volume boost).

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      sounds like a good idea to me if it's just for a volume boost, it's not going to overdrive your power section any easier then if you just turned up the volume haha that would be a bad idea i'd think. idk if it would hurt anything cause i'm no amp tech... but throw in a $30 fish n chips eq or an mxr if you are picky i'm pretty sure they can boost the output signal and then you wouldn't get the tone change boost pedals most likely will have. it will change it a bit but... less. maybe to your advantage... cut out the high highs and low lows and boost a db or 2 at 600 hz and it would be great leads! (i shouldn't say that not even knowing what your tone sounds like) on my 6505 the effects loop volume is controlled by post gain... in this case i don't see how it would hurt to boost a bit through the effects loop, it'd be like turning up the post volume just a bit later in the signal.


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        This is what I'm trying to do-make my leads "pop" above the normal band mix and then, at the end of the lead, footswitch out the boost and be back at normal.  My Carl Martin Plexitone bedal with adjustable boost used to do that really well-it's on the fritz currently and back in Denmark for repair or replacement. 


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          Yeah man, i use the EHX linear power booster for my solo boost in the loop of my 5150. Works like a champ. It adds some thickness and cuts some of the shrill highs, perfect lead boost IMO. And its straight volume, not a gain thing really.

          The best lead boost i've used it just a short cable from send to recieve on my AT-100 - use the effects loop switch pedal to cut it in and out - totally transparent, just volume. the LPB is similar, with the beefing up quality

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