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    Recently I began browsing through the threads on this and similar forums in my ongoing quest for The Secret Knowledge (I know it

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    I'm not sure where to begin, but how about here:

    from :

    Si xstal lattice


    As you can see, a silicon crystal lattice is not a flat or simply planar organization...electrons are not encumbered by linear paths of travel..., in fact, the bonds we display graphically are not accurate and absolute, but only respresent the average location of the electron paths... we know from quantum theory that their location can vary quite significantly. the straight lines you see are merely there so our simple human minds to grasp the mean location.

    Also note that traveling electrons, or rather, the domino-like progression of electrons, may actually move in a variety of directions and still average-out to a net movement in the direction of - to +. "Up" and "Down" are quite possible.

    Ok, point two: solid state devices such as FETs are often described as havng Gates which produce a valve-like effect on the electrons traveling thru the body of the transistor. The strength of this field can be approximated by Gaussian-like lines of force...similar to the fields formed by a tube's grid, constraining electrons flow from the Cathode to the Anode. These electrons do also generally flow in a linear path, such as you described for the solid state device.

    One thing you do have correct is that an SS device can only approximate a tube. But the converse is also true: A tube can only approximate a silicon-device.

    My personal belief (tho I've never seen it described as such) is that the 'warmth' which we find to be a positive attribute of tubes is associated to the randomness of electron directionality when under higher voltages, the greater 'noise' caused by electrons of a spectrum of energies leaving the heater, and the higher level of elemental impurities found (and tolerated) in the manufacture of tube components... this variation in component materials results in a broader range of electron energies in that linear stream, and thus a softening of the harsh/crisp/clear/more uniform electron energies seen in the more homogenous ss crystal lattice.

    Not sure where this is all going.

    Just sayin.


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    • AimmarCair
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      I think scientifically/under research purposes tubes are actually lower noise than trannies.

      As I understand it SS stuff cannot provide low noise levels as well as professionally designed tube tech.

      This article provides a little bit of insight into how that stuff goes down

      Also the distinction between distortion and noise in a meter is brought up which is gooooooooood.

      First one I could find on google but there's plenty to read up on it Randy.

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    KillerToanz wrote:
    ... but the fact that the digital sound can only approximate the tube sound remains.

    You do realize, of course, that silicon amplifiers and "digital sound" are not the same thing, right? An analogue signal being amplified by a solid state amp is still analogue. The guitar amp that is using silicon to amplifiy the guitar signal might also have some digital signal processors on board to subsequently digitize and then manipulate that signal to add reverb or whatever, but a solid state amplifier is still an analogue device. The development of silicon-based processors has made digitization possible but solid state amplication does not equate to digitized sound.




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      I once saw Dumble eat one of those ten foot party subs in five minutes.  Then he downed 2 liters of Diet Rite.  He didn't know I was there watching him.

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    KillerToanz wrote:Contemplating Dumble
    "I used my psychic powers to investigate this and found it to be hogwash. I hate it when people make claims with no basis in science."

    "If a problem is too difficult to understand the solution is to placate your ignorance with denial."

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      True. A 'faithful reproduction of the full range' would be a very sterile, clean signal that you can hear the guitar through.

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    He use to **************** himself at least 10 times while building every dumble amp made.

    Lazy, but a genius.
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      Far too many threads about this Knucklehead. Knows how to build amps. Also knows how to lay on the bull**************** to make what he does look magical and mystical.

      For laughs, look up copies of his old contracts and pictures of how he would GOOP the circuits so you couldn't see them and steal his tone magic.

      I think that 'goop' was cholesterol he drew from his veins.

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    Toan is in the goop

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