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  1. So think someone's a child, so you childishly start a thread stating this and telling him to go {censored} himself. Interesting... I just can't get over the fact that the user's name is Urinate Forever....and that it has 'respected contributor' under his name...
  2. Don't know about one catching fire, but there was one forum member that opened one up and the tube sockets were barely soldered to the board in some places. Pics were posted.
  3. sweetwater is horrible they won't stop hounding you with great customer service:thu:. seriously i ordered power supply that is all. no shipping charge, plus the dude left me like 5 emails, 5 voicemails, asking if there were any issues, then before it was shipped he left a message to make sure i was getting what i needed, awesome amazing customer service especially for what i ordered. definitely gonna order from them next time around. They call me every now and then asking me if everything is working fine with the product I bought and If I need anything else. Okay, I know this is a cleverly disguised cold sales call, but whenever I order from them it its a very easy experience. I got an email from them once about 25% off Roland products. Just for the hell of it I sent a reply saying that I wasn't looking for a roland product, but I would appreciate a discount on a Digitech Hardwire reverb. Same day I get a call and they say they will not give me the 25% off, but they will give me 25 dollars off..... Reverb pedal shipped right away. Also, after you order through your first sales rep, he is your rep for life, and all dealings are through them. So you pretty much get to know them. Plus, they have their own warranty program. Sweetwater is #1. They are a business that realizes what it takes to run a business correctly.
  4. American Musical Supply FTMFW! Never had ANY problems with them whatsoever and their CS is top notch! This is not the first time I've heard bad things about Zzounds. YEP, AMS and Sweetwater, that's all I use. Except when I stray away for a great deal such as a $199 Peavey Windsor from Musician's Friend.
  5. Im trying to decide between this two pedalboards, I think I will use every feature available, so feel free to debate the positive and negative aspects of each, important differences, etc, Distortion very important for me, and distortion versatility too. Sound quality of course is always on top. Note: Money is no problem and therefore not a factor in the fight thx for info + opinions Neither. Zoom G9.2tt. No "fizzy" high gain models.
  6. Got mine for 200 shipped last year on the 'bay. you may want to come down a little, especially in here. After all, It doesn't have ALL tubes... Good luck, hope you sell.
  7. 0/0 = 0 Let me break this down for you. If you distribute 0 objects to 0 people, than you are distributing 0 objects, so no objects are being distributed ('objects', representing the numerator) Therefore, 0/0 = 0 The same cannot be said when you divide a number >1 or Division by zero is undefined. This is a mathematical statement accepted globally and a basic concept most of us are taught in 7th grade. Still, if you think you are smarter than all of the top mathematicians of the past hundreds of years or whatever time frame this was decided,have a shot at it.
  8. I have to disagree with that. Vito had some quirks in his playing that leaned closer to Ed than Nuno. I am not saying that Nuno didn't lean that way also but Vito was much closer IMHO. I agree. I think Nuno was way closer to Warren Di Martini's style and sound (definitely sound)than Eddies. That's exactly what I thought (he sounded like Warren) when I first saw Extreme live in the 80's.
  9. He was a monster player who had great tone. Marshall tone at its best although I believe he mostly recorded with ADA MP-1's. ADA MP-1's and Carvin 1000 watt SS poweramp.
  10. Sorry, Marty Fans, Chris was my favorite MD guitarist by far.
  11. what kind of cab are you using? Mine was boomy on 4. Try some JJ E34ls, NOT, el34s there is a difference. He's looking for more lows, maybe he should stay away from EL34 tubes altogether? JJ 6l6GCs have a good low end...not too flubby.
  12. Stump is {censored}ing funny and with serious psycho problems.He copies everything(looks, gear piece by piece, style etc) from Malmsteen, and have a explanation for everything that sometimes even "happens" to be the same as Malmsteen but never in connection to Malm. He is obsessive about Malmsteen but hide(try so) or do not recognize that. Yeah, that was coherent.
  13. People ask about playing real fast; I point 'em to Tom Hess. They can sort it out for themselves. I think though that Hess's music is comically mechanical. So if you just want bionic chops, go. EVERYTHING ELSE about music, involves some kind of music. You learn to operate your instrument so you can play it - music that is. What kind of material do you do? Gigs? What's your default performance level? If you have any of these concerns, forget Hess. When you have chops like that, its all in how YOU wish to use it. No one says you have to eschew your blues chops as a result of the lessons. The lessons give you the ability. Tom wishes to be a neoclassical fusion shredder. Someone else may just want to be able to whip those fast runs out as a "Wow" Factor in a solo. Guitar teachers aren't there to teach you creativity. They are there to give you the tools to fuel YOUR creativity.
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