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Splawn Nitro Vs Krank Nineteen80

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  • Splawn Nitro Vs Krank Nineteen80

    Howdy folks- I don t post on HCAF too much anymore. Since the meltdown happened, I've said Fruck it!


    I'm a big MTS guy, but I'm thinking about venturing out of that realm. I'm looking at two amps- a Splawn Nitro and Krank Nineteen80. I want  a main channel that's like a EVH Brown Plexi that feels dark, but has a cutting high end, a lead channel that's reminiscent of a SLO/ Mark IV/ Caswell #39, amd a clean channel that's warmm and dumble-esque. It has to t6ake delay, fuzz, and OD well.


    On Rig Talk, I've been steered towards a Nitro. However, the Krank keeps popping its head up.  I know there are are a lot of Krank haters on the forums that only care about the bad marketing Krank has done. To those who'v ever played the actuall amps, which will get me close to my goal. 1) EVH Brown Plexi. 2) SLO/ Mark IV lead. 3 Dumble Clean's? There's also a large price difference between the two.





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    Your asking for the impossible. Of the two that does that the best though would probably be the splawn. With that said the splawn truely is it's own beast and it's quite a chameleon



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      The Rossness, this is Jimw from the Randall MtS forum, we were taliking about trading my Sal Mod Xtacy for your Quick Rod, I think the forum crashed. Email me at thanks.....


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        The Rossness email me at thanks jimw427.