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    I was told I have a nasally resonance and to tone it down a bit. But, how? I sing what comes natural to me. I am going to post an Alanis (Oughta know) clip and let me know what you think. I sang without music, if I don't have a guitar or anything live, it is easier for me to sing with no music than with a karaoke version. Also, I was told I sound r&b. I love listening to all sorts of music but I am not especially fond of singing r&b. I love to sing amy winehouse, any soul, jazz, funk., 90s rocker girl (alanis <3 ) .. You get it. I am just afraid my voice is too high? Let me know what you think



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    Hard to tell your pitch without music to accompany you. Overall it sounds ok. Alanis is nasally too.

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      Bob Dylan's singing is completely nasal. He's had a bit of success. Find or write matieral your voice serves.



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        As suggested I really think to get a better feel for your voice overall we need to hear you accompanied by music. I know you're after a review of the nasally quality of your voice, but particularly with this song choice it's difficult to know. Also you sound like you are singing an Alanis song like Alanis and this may be why there's a nsally quality, you are doing that slurry thing that she does.So perhaps a song by someone who isn't particularly nasally would make it easier to review..

        I think you could listen back to yourself with headphones. You may need to look at some of your control and pitching. Once having listened back to yourself you may hear your voice better.

        Have you been singing long? I think when we all start to sing we tend to sing the songs the way that the artist originally sang them, so with lots of practice and ideally writing your own material, it should be easier to develop the sound which identifies you as you. I'd say that's a much more important issue than the nasal quality.


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          Actually, you're right on point. I haven't been singing long. Well, not trying to seriously improve. Id say like 2 weeks. I am trying to find my voice, and so far I have found Alanis to be my singing style as well as sound...I am struggling finding other songs my voice would fit with. I recorded that with my phone. I have a very good mic, just don't feel like I even need to use it yet since my voice isn't all that great. The nasal quality seems like its in any song I do that reaches up high. I just can't help it...I can pull and stretch my tongue out, open my mouth wide when I sing, and it still comes out sounding the same.

          If you have a song suggestion it would be more than helpful! Thank you so much