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  • Promotion tactics?

    What can a new artist do to promote their music other than the usual use of websites like soundcloud, reverbnation, twitter, etc? Of course there is playing shows and stuff, but what about before getting to that point? Even on those important-for-musician websites, it is tough to get attention, plays, followers, comments, etc. What are some other methods?


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      There are many things you can do. If you have no budget for paid ads then you can do press releases, and sending copies of your CD to music magazines for review. I highly recommended you set up a good web site first where people can buy your music and learn more about you or your band.

      If you have money you can do paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and of course Google Adwords. Hope this helps!

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        Thanks for the response. I'm not really interested in selling songs until I'm signed or something. I have a lot of songs available as free downloads, and have early promotional CD's, and stickers that I made. I have also done the facebook advertising, through reverbnation, which didn't seem to accomplish anything, and facebook which got around 700 likes but not much else.

        But I am working on something that I will at least send to magazines and blogs etc. It's tough to get the attention with so many acts out there I suppose.


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          absent a killer video on youtube, the rest is not likely to get you noticed these days unless you have an outrageous live act. Blogs make bloggers feel self-important, but generally don't reach enough people to do you any good, and FB is pointless because it only reaches to people you've already reached.

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          If you are waiting until you are signed, then why ask what you can do to promote?  You want to get signed, promote only to labels. Promoting to us at the bar isn't going to get you signed.

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        I just did a video that offers a bunch of ways to promote your music.

        Check it out:

        Official Website (where to hear my stuff)
        Thoughts on how I get fans and make a few bucks with


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          For a live band/artist, it helps to get out and gig as much as possible.  Getting a support slot with a band that already has a good following (even if its a local band) is a good way as it will get new people (fans of the headlining band) will hear your music.  If any of your band knows a gig promoter, he/she may give you a support slot if an opening comes up.  Of course, its important to keep on good terms with the promoter and the band should maintain a positive reputation in order to keep such opportunities coming.