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  1. This is something I never see any artists or gurus talking about which is surprising. The post shows how to leverage affiliate marketing as a way to add to your income stream. Some of the things you'll see:... - Backdoor To Getting Music Sponsorships - How A Musician Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - Where To Find Music Affiliate Products And Get Links - How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing - Where You Can Find A Crap Ton Of Music Related Products To Sell Check it out if you'd like: https://musicgoat.com/music-sponsorships-finding-companies-that-sponsor-musicians Might help you make a few extra bucks here and there.
  2. Thank you for the heads up DM! Pouring over it now. Yeah, after looking at a post for days (or weeks) you start to miss that stuff. Plus I am just a one man band. Need an editor. Some day! Glad you like the content otherwise. Have a good one.
  3. This is not a post bashing ReverbNation. Hell, I’ve had a profile on there for years and have had very few problems. It is not a bad place to network with other musicians. They have a few decent tools. And its nice to have some links back to my website and other social media properties. If you are just starting out and testing the waters, you could do a lot worse. But if you want to get serious about marketing online, building your fan base, and growing your music career, you should be thinking beyond ReverbNation. Especially when it comes to your email marketing. You can read the rest here if you'd like. http://musicgoat.com/reverbnation-fanreach-email-marketing
  4. you seem to have all the answers, perhaps this is a job for you. What do you think?
  5. I wouldn't enough room. It took me an entire course to explain. This course -> http://30minutefanfinder.com/30-minute-fan-finders-courses-lto/
  6. I just wrote a blog post discussing this topic. I didn't realize it was such a hot topic. Stop by and see if you agree with my take. http://musicgoat.com/are-you-too-old-to-make-it-in-music
  7. I like all of those. Delusional is a good one but a tricky one. I've heard stuff that was IMHO horrible and yet it was selling or had a very good following. So I stayed away from it. As far as the positives, I did go through them at length on the blog post. But really comes down to getting very clear on what your message is, who your ideal audience is and doing things to keep them around (like a well executed email marketing campaign).
  8. Are you one of them? I hear musicians bitching all the time about how nothing they do works and nobody wants to listen to their tunes. But when I look a little there are usually a few ways they are shooting themselves in the foot. Want to get your music heard by the "right" people, stop doing these things: 1. SPAMMING the crap out of your family and friends and more time reaching “right” fan. 2. Hiring some expensive Music Promotion slash PR company to run a massive campaign. 3. Buying radio airplay from a guy named Rod who is going to help break your song. 4. Joining sites like Reverbnation or Fandalism or join LinkedIn groups thinking you will find fans. 5. Joining every social networking site known to man and spread yourself too thin, declare they have no time and give up. 6. Using Sites like Facebook or Reverbnation as your home base. 7. Endlessly pitching… errr harassing… record label execs. 8. Sending out thousands of mix tapes and CD’s to “every” Tom, Dick and Harry hoping someone will play their stuff and discover you. 9. Entering every talent competition thinking that is the only way they can get anywhere. Did I miss any? Agree or disagree? I figured this is a great place to discuss this. If you are interested, I explain myself a lot better and make the case for each one in a blog post (see link below): http://musicgoat.com/how-to-get-your...ese-9-mistakes
  9. To start, instead of releasing an album, why not release a few singles first and work your way up to an album? Aside from the fact that fans are starting to shun albums, here are 4 pretty good reasons (IMHO)... 1. You Stay Relevant Assuming you are not god, and can whip out a full album every month, making your fans wait 6 months to a year (or more) between releases is an eternity these days. Especially when there is so much else going on in the lives of the music fans that we are trying to win over. By releasing singles, you stay relevant in a music market where releasing music only 1 or 2 times a year is almost the same as releasing nothing at all. 2. You Build A Loyal Fan Base Faster When you release music, you are essentially opening the up the lines of communication with your fans. The more often that you release music, the faster you and your fans are going to get to know each other. Bottom line, by releasing singles, you create a loyal fan base faster. A fan base that gets used to getting music from you on a regular basis. They begin to anticipate each release. 3. You Crush Procrastination By releasing singles you replace procrastination with the sense of purpose that is created from frequent delivery of music. You can’t sit around and wonder why your career is going nowhere because you have work to do. 4. You Get Paid More Often Get paid 8 – 12 times per year instead of just once or twice. I did this myself for a whole year and documented the process. Check out the following link to see how I did it. http://musicgoat.com/musicians-how-t...sic-more-often
  10. There are tons of retirment homes and commmunities out there that are starving for good performers and there are a TON of them. In my area in Southeast MN/Western WI I found nearly over 100 within an hour drive.Getting $75 - $100 for an hour is pretty standard. I have a freind who goes out a little further and is able to make a fulltime income. I did a few gigs and was told that I am a little too "hip" for these gigs (I had no problem with that but will try again in 5-10 years when I can relate with them better). BUT someone like yourself who knows the music, the times and can relate to that crowd should have no problem booking themselve solid with some effort.
  11. I just did an interview with someone that makes custom album covers. You can read about here http://musicgoat.com/custom-album-cover-designer
  12. This works great for me when I want to boost traffic. Follow people on Twitter. 1) Make sure you have your website prominently displayed on your profile 2) Use a free service like SocialOooph (Google it) to add a few different auto welcome messages (like "Thanks for the follow, here's a new songs for all my followers [ link ] ). 3) Do one or all of the following every day. Find profiles of artists with music similar to yours and follow their followers. Search for people tweeting about artists similar to yours and follow them. Search for profiles of people who state they are fans of your genre or those bands then follow them. Chances are a percentage will follow you back and visit your website. You can follow up 100 per day safely. (just use Twitter Karma to unfollow people who do not follow you after a few days to keep your following/follower ratio down. 4) Also, use SocialOoomph or Buffer or Time.ly to auto tweet messages throughout the day contain links to your site, music offers or info that they are interested in. 5) Interact with new followers as much as possible. This works great for me when I want to boost traffic or email list subscribers. If you have and questions let me know.
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