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Looking for an open sounding dynamic vocal mic

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  • Looking for an open sounding dynamic vocal mic


    I recently bought a Rode S1 condenser, liked the sound both for live applications and recordings (in a room with the band). anyway I gave it back because it would not work with every mixer or audio interface (worked for a couple of minutes and then lost power). I need a mic I can rely on
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    lost power? explain.. most mixers come with phantom power..

    open hi fi sound but dynamic? the beyer is indeed nice. i like the older ceramic AT atm41a or a new Heil PR22


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      If you're using an M88 in a bar, you'll need to take it with you to the can, or when you go outside for some fresh air

      they are nice mics though. Have you tried their budget line (is it TX88 or something like that)? They sound somewhat similar, at least they probably would in situations where the mixer doesn't even have phantom power.

      I've sung on both and like them both.


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        Try a Beta 58, a little more in the direction that I think you are looking.
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          lost power? explain.. most mixers come with phantom power.

          Sure all mixers or interfaces I used have phantom power. the mic just started to sound weak (output dropped dramatically) and distorted after a couple of minutes.
          I gave it back to the shop for a warranty repair, they said they changed everything inside, but still the same problem occured on two devices, so I gave it back for a refund. the said it would be very sensitive and needed constant powering so my problem may be caused by unstable supply of phantom power. the mic starts with a delay so if the phantom power drops it could react like that. well, maybe they were bullsh**ing me, who knows. It never happened to me before, I do not want that to happen in a concert or while recording, so I gave it back for a full refund. I am using a lot of different equipment when playing out, most likely the house PA and need something I can rely on under all circumstances - like the shure. Still looking for something with more fidelity. The mid boost of the SM58 (as well as the beta, which I tried) just doesn't work for my voice. good engineers can filter it out but I they are not always around. I am looking for something sounding transparent with the eq set flat and something I can use with a little distance (not only with my lips touching it) the shure mics are sure good, but just not for my voice.
          "Kunst ist schön. Macht aber viel Arbeit."
          Karl Valentin


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            The only Shure's I'd consider are the Beta 87 and KSM9 - however the 9 picks up too much wash (as do the AE5400, KMS105, VX10, PR22, and likely a number of other higher end mics), and the 87 can sound iffy with overly hot wedges.

            The M88 is a nice sounding mic, but not exceptional IMHO. Check out the OM6, 767s, PL80a, E935/945