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OT somewhat . Be careful out there.


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  • OT somewhat . Be careful out there.

    2nd time I'm trying to post this so if it shows up as a double later

    My wife fell at work and damaged her meniscus tendin (spelling?) in her knee. Broken hip and fractured elbow. We'll know more with the CT scan Thursday. I may be in Boston this weekend if they feel she needs an operation. Don't know if I'll have way too much time or none at all. If I have some time is anyone playing from H.C. in a public venue I could check out? I haven't been to Boston in Many years. Any clubs I should avoid? I'm hoping it doesn't need to be operated on but want to plan ahead. Again I may have a lot of time or none depending on how things go.

    I won't be on H.C. much for a few days so I may not reply again for awhile.

    Thanks for any info;


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    Major bummer. Fortunately medical care for orthopedics has come so far even in the last few years that she should be in good shape in a minimum amount of time and pain.
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      best wishes, I hope for a speedy recovery.


      a few months ago, one of my good friends fell at work and died. could just feel my heart drop when I got the news.

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    Trying again to post a reply......
    Wife is doing better. No operation to date so that is good. She is home and can walk around a little now. Waiting for more test. I think her not being able to go into work is harder on her than the injury she got from the fall. She is even sweeter than ever..... :-/ hanging around the house.