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mono line level balanced attenuator? simple device i've never seen

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  • mono line level balanced attenuator? simple device i've never seen

    i want something to go between the output of a locked out driverack, and the sub amp at a local bar where i work.  so we can have dance night bass levels, and show night bass levels..something that can take a balanced 1/4 or xlr in, have a simple volume knob like an l pad, and send the signal out via xlr or 1/4 trs.  i dont want it to make gain, just let me turn it down from max to..a lot lower for the show nights.


    anyone got anything like this? seen it? it seems like something that should exist

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    Why not attenuate the amp's input using the controls on the amp itself?  Unless the amp is locked up too.

    -Ed Willock
    In A Can Productions


    • WynnD
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      The one possible problem that I see here is what if the Driverack is setup to protect the amps and speakers? Anything that doesn't just attenuate might fry equipment downstream. And if left on accidentally, might have someone reconfiguring the Driverack to the detriment of the sound system down the road.

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    How about an inline pad ...



    Don Boomer


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      I have built adjustable balanced pads for situations like this. Not the cheapest way to go but effective
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      • spottyaudio
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        the driverack and the amps are in a locked area above the dj booth and only the owner has keys to it, i get them from him if i need to adjust anything. adjusting on the amp is impractical cause the gain control is on the back and that area is the locked up part..you can see the faces of the amp through vented plexiglass. i'd set it up so that when the attenuator is fully clockwise its just letting all signal through, exactly as the driverack is set up and limited, but can be turned way down for the drag shows they do where the performers and audience dont want as much bass as a dancing crowd.