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Replacement Trailer Size Recommendations


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  • Replacement Trailer Size Recommendations

    (also posted in Lighting Forum)

    My 6x12 was stolen and I need to replace it.  The only good thing to come from this is that my 6x12 was really too small for all my sound and light gear and I was always having to load/unload depending on gig.   I'm considering an 8x20.  My vehicle can handle towing it.

    I now have a very secure place to store the trailer and am less worried about theft.

    Thoughts?  Experiences?


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    Can you get a trailer that big into the venues you do? Also IME if you haul a lot of extra gear around some piece of gear you need is always buried in the nose so you have to unload and load everything anyways .


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      8 x 20' trailer is going to be one hell of a pig to tow and park. At that length, it pretty much has to be a gooseneck. Also, is that the inside width or the outside, and if inside then are the wheel wells inside the overall width. I ask because there are folks selling trailers that are of illegal width and if you get caught, that could be a bigger problem than you have now. Check your state for reqts.

      I tow a large trailer and it takes some finesse and paying attention.