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picked up another set of HDH3 today

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  • picked up another set of HDH3 today

    these are different from what i have already - these have fly points identical my hdh4 tops. they have plastic mesh for grills unlike my existing steel grills with holes. at first i thought 'what happened to the steel grills?" but then i looked closer and the plastic mesh looks factory(???).


    they also have the (ep4?) connectors. interesting!


    the rat fur is total garbage. its gotta go

    band status - "its complicated"

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    thread is useless without pics


    • Coaster
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      damu mog. i have no pics yet,.


      soon my old friend

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    The "tennis racket" plastic mesh grill material was the standard back then for many of Peaveys products. A lot to be true. As was the ep4 connector. I do seem to remember a Ep8 connector in on the sub.  A +/- set for each 18 and then a ep4 out to make a run to the tops biamp but that really was a long time ago. I mixed on a setup with 3 tops/bottoms with the hdh processor before and it sounded pretty darn good for that time. Subs are pretty solid down to around 45 hz or so. They really are not that bad setup right.



    • Unalaska
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      45hz? That's it? There's a guy selling a pair locally and has been for a year maybe. Too much $ for a sub that's not going down very low. Of course it's designed to crossover at 160 or so, perfect for the matching top.

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    Peel that rat fur!

    I personally cant stand the stuff

    How much grass have you picked off your rat fur today?


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      I love HDH

      LOVE HDH

      coaster's threads are straight pornography to me