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Help! Sound Engineer needed for gig in Stockton, CA!

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  • Help! Sound Engineer needed for gig in Stockton, CA!

    In French Camp, actually. Needed for a wedding we're playing on Saturday Sept 6th. Everyone on my usual list is busy that day. (Labor Day weekend is a busy one, I guess?) If anyone near that area is interested or if anyone knows of any reliable SEs or sound companies in the area I can call, please IM me!

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    Check with Tomm Williams here on the forum.

    If that doesn't work, PM me and I have a couple of other possibilities.
    Former product development engineer: Genz Benz, a KMC Music/FMIC/JAM Industries Company, continuing factory level product support and service for Genz Benz

    Currently product development engineer: Mesa Boogie


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      Thanks for the responses and suggestions, guys! Looks like I was able to fill the gig with a recommendation for someone close to the event. Hope all goes well!