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Turning over a new page (ipad pedals)


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  • Turning over a new page (ipad pedals)

    Anyone using pedals to turn song app pages on their pads whilst performing? I am looking at the Airturn but it seems to come with mixed reviews also I only want it to go from song to song within a setlist with one press and the other pedal to start autoscroll (which I have associated with BTs in some songs) but reading what I can find online it seems I would need the four pedal one rarther than the two pedal one which has pedals doing actions I have no need of such as going to previous songs or going forward just a bit at a time within a song.
    Anyhow be nice to hear from someone who is already using this lve or can suggest alternatives.
    Cheers Steve
    Cheers Steve

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    I have the pageflip, but only use it to turn pages. My only complaint is the pedals are too loose, and hard to really feel under foot. I do strongly prefer turning pages that way to autoscroll though. There appear to be other features, but I honestly couldn't tell you what they are.
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      I use a two pedal airturn with forscore. Works well so long as you only want to turn one page at a time. If yo need to skip back to the start say over several pages you have to press the back pedal as many times as there are pages so you have to think ahead. However with forsccore you can copy and rearrange pages so that the whole piece is just played by scrolling forward (or you scan it in that way). Just takes a bit of planning. I do like the silent pedals that I got with it. The on/off switch is little 'finiky', especially turning it off and I've accidently left it on a couple of times.

      I've just used it for playing at home so far, pretty much everything we play as a band fits on one page.


      I know you can switch the commands the airturn sends out when you tap the pedals but you'd have to look at the user manual for whatever software you are using for your music to see if it could be configured to do what you want. I took at quick look at the forscore manual but nothing is jumping out at me to say it could be configured that way although I know you can have it autoturn but it's based on a metronome and beat count per page. Takes some setting up though. too much effort for me! not sure if it will play backing tracks as well.

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    I use the one pedal application to go forward in my page turns.

    It holds a charge all weekend and then some (12 hours plus ??),

    the auto scroll option stevemac is talking about is a great idea

    but I don't have experience in this......will be watching this thread.

    ....lots of pedals and related stuff spring '17



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      How does one format for the biggest font and then define a page? I am using pageflip on an android and have not settled on the application. tried setlisthelper. I will post again if i find a solution.
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        I use the Airturn, and it works well for basic page forward/backward functions, which is what I use it for. Whether you can set it to scroll, rather than to move directly from page-to-page, is a function of the app you are using it with. As you surmise, with only 2 pedals, you'll only be able to engage in two functions - page forward/page back/scroll up/scroll down/jump to next song no matter how many pages, etc - pick 2. If you want four functions, assuming the app supports them, you'll need four different triggers (pedals). You probably don't want unidirectional commands only, such as page forward but no page backward. If you accidentally tap a pedal, you'll have no way to un-do what you just did to get back to where you want to be.



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          It really isn't a biggy Jeff, can't say I do it much but if I do turn a page to many by foot it only takes a quick swipe to get it back. I only have the two pedal version and although initially kicking myself for not getting the four, having used it extensively now am more than happy with just the two, one to page forward and the other to autoscroll which auto starts the playback of any BTs. Cheers Steve
          Cheers Steve


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            We're using Airturns. Me with Songbook (when on guitar), keys with MobileSheets (full scores), both on Android tablets. Works fine.

            I haven't done much study yet about page turns while on the kit...

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              I use the Airturn as well, with no issues. If I am using a multi-page chart (more than two pages) I utilise the "Hot Spot" feature of my chart app Unrealbook ( I believe others have this too). This hot spot can be placed anywhere on any page and it is set to jump to any page in the song. Mor than one can be set on a page as well.

              The IK Multimedia BlueBoard can be used and hotspots can be assigned to one of the four pedals, so you can be jumping using D.S.'s Dal segnos, Da Capos ....whatever and all without taking your hands from the keys.

              I tried the Blueboard, but found in my case, the Airturn was quite suitable for my charts. Plus it has a smaller footprint under the keys. And with a sustain pedal, harmony pedal, expression pedal, and stompers already there, space is at a premium