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Stuck pot: what to do??


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  • Stuck pot: what to do??

    I'm in a bit of a crisis here, boys.

    I'm sitting here with a wonderful old MS-10, and the filter cutoff put has decided to lock itself almost rock solid around 12 o'clock. I can wiggle it a little bit, but obviously this is a serious issue that needs to be solved, since I'm in the middle of a recording session, and because this is a borrowed instrument. I'm figuring it's just the mechanics, since the slight knob movement I can make results filter movement - a little, but it's there. How do I fix this?

    best regards,

    Niels Münster

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    You can't without opening it up.
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      Huh. I've never heard of a pot locking up suddenly like that. I wonder if the wiper has worked itself loose and jammed it? My gut says it needs a new pot, and that requires surgery and a new pot.
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        I've had this happen with my yammi cs-20m. what we did was get some lube and work it in lol

        my theory is dust and grime get built up in the pots and they eventually cease up. dust covers ftw brah

        this was in my youth and in MUCH less expensive times gear-wise (I paid like $50 dollars for it at a pawn shop). nowadays I would advise

        a) contacting the owner if u have not done so and

        b) taking it to a qualified repair person


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          You can pull the knob and squirt in some fader lube / contact cleaner fairly safely.

          Do NOT force it until you have opened it up and determined that the pot is in fact seized. When you have determined this, trying to squirt contact cleaner in through the pot body will help, then force the pot wiper from stop to stop about a hundred times. Be prepared to replace the pot if necessary.
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