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Keyboard Stand for tall people

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  • Keyboard Stand for tall people

    Hey guys

    Was just wondering if there were any decent X-style stands around which go higher than the usual 100cms? I'm fairly tall and find that most stands are too low to use whilst standing - ideally I need the keys to be at around 110cm from the ground but most stands top out at 100cm.

    Are there any decent X-stands out there like this or would I have to go to something else (Ultimate etc)?

    Suggestions appreciated!
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    Don't have any suggestions, but got the same problem, so i would also like to hear possible solutions


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      Not sure why you need an X, but Standtastic stand are fantastic, break down to a small size, are extremely strong, and can be raised up to and over 48"

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        This was a problem for me as well but now I sit and play so the problem has gone away.
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          Don't absolutely require an X stand, but would like one that is light and easily carried with one hand for my portable rig.

          Those Standtastic stands look good, but aren't available in Australia unfortunately. Would have to have it shipped internationally.
          -----------------Mike PensiniPiano/Keyboard/Producer/Musical Director/Writertwitter.com/mikepensini | facebook.com/mikepensinimusic | youtube.com/groovatious


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            I use an Ultimate Support APEX A-48 Pro Plus (http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AX48ProPlus/). It's not an X-stand, but it folds up into a relatively light, easy-to-carry package, and it's tall: I'm a long-legged 6'1" and my upper keyboard is about level with the bottom of my ribcage. The only minor drawback is that it does wiggle around a bit when you're playing hard, but not enough to interfere with your playing.
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              Use leg extensions or a platform.
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                +1 for the Standtastic. It's not 'that' light (not like an x stand) but it's not bad, breaks down quickly and packs into a bag (comes with it) that makes it easy to carry (needs a shoulder strap adding though really, only has handles). I'm 6' 5" and it puts my kb at a perfect height for me to play standing.
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                    This is certainly something I have to deal with as a standing tall player. X stands will work for one board but I don't like the fact that I have to put them at their highest, most unstable setting. I usually have two boards though; I don't like two-tier x stands anyway, but definitely wouldn't feel good at the highest setting.

                    My solution was an onstage z-stand. Cheap (if that matters), extremely stable and height-adjustable without losing any stability. However: not the most portable stand. In fact I'm considering relegating it for home use and maybe going with a standtastic or Spider (though the spider is very expensive). Stability is the main thing if you have a lot of $$ literally riding on it! I used to have an Ultimate support Deltex stand and if you pushed at the right (wrong) angle over it could go. Had to grab it a couple times on rickety stages, not a good feeling. But I'd also love something that is easier and quicker to fold up than my z-stand if at all possible.

                    You may also need to consider "footprint", as I've heard the standtastics do take up quite a bit of space.


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                      Spider Pro user here; like it a lot.


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                        you could player shorter songs....


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                          Quote Originally Posted by Strenge
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                          You may also need to consider "footprint", as I've heard the standtastics do take up quite a bit of space.

                          Yes, that is true, they do ake up more space than a traditional X stand. Solid as a rock though.

                          I suspect that if you really want a tall X stand you are going to have to have one made. You could always buy an existing one and cut out the locking mechanism to use one a custom made one, basically it's just box section and tube steel after all, just need to find someone local that can weld (unless you are like me and have a welding kit handy!).
                          The further away I am, the better I sound....


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                            I use both the Spider Pro and the Standtastic.

                            I'd go all Spider Pro if I could, but I can't because of two things about it: there's no room in front of it for a Taurus 3, and the top arms can't hold a Minimoog Voyager -- by the time the arms are extended enough for the depth, the ends are too far apart to hold it in place.

                            The Standtastics isn't that heavy, and the handles on the bag are offset neatly from center to balance the bag perfectly. Stage footprint is fine if you're using the top rack set high up,; if you were just using the lower rack it would be take up a lot more room than your single board.

                            The Spider Pro is heavier, but it's stupid-fast (and incredibly simple) to set up/teardown, solid as a rock, looks magnificent, and the bag handles are the length to use over your shoulder.

                            Edit: if you're looking at my avatar on the left, it's almost 2 years out of date. That's the Standtastic with the Minimoog and the Z1, but I'm now using a Spider Pro on my left instead of the x-stand, with a Waldorf Blofeld on the top level above the GAIA.

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                              Quote Originally Posted by theGman
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                              Spider Pro user here; like it a lot.

                              that worked for me plus the Ws550 table/stand for my Rd700GX1.

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