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  1. I have never owned a Juno; only fooled around with a couple that belonged to someone else. I have owned a JX-8P since about 1984 -- the model with the patch names printed on the buttons. Maybe it's just the familiarity, but I prefer the sound of the JX-8P. The strings and other pad sounds just have their own unique character, as do the "synthy" patches, and the piano sounds are pretty decent, as long as you don't expect them to replace a real piano. I still use mine occasionally when recording, although the PG-8X VSTi emulation is so good that I often use that nowadays, rather than d
  2. Well, from one "old-timer" to another (I just turned 66 last month) -- I just have a big folder on my laptop's hard drive containing MP3s of all the songs my band plays, or that I want to learn. The laptop's and keyboard's audio outputs are connected to a fairly loud stereo via a mixer. I just drag & drop to create a playlist in VLC or Winamp and then play along. If I will need to slow a song down, I drop it into Reaper, where it's easy to change the tempo without changing the pitch (any audio program that can do that on the fly will work).
  3. The pandemic team was reorganized two years ago. Not fired. BTW, Snopes has been caught lying often and is lying about this, in case that's your go-to "fact-checker."
  4. ...And this thread suddenly wakes up from a 13-year coma. LOL! I'm in a Classic Rock cover band named Tin Whiskers. We're all over 60; we were 50-ish when we started the band in 2004.
  5. My favorite keyboardist, who took his own life on my 62nd birthday. :-(
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