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post count drop 75% ?

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  • post count drop 75% ?

    just guessing.  I stop in here every morning (even though it is still annoying to navigate and read) and it FEELS to me like post amount has dropped considerably since the change over.   Am I wrong?  I'm just guessing at the 75% and was thinking 80 or 90.  But seems like just tidbits anymore. 

    Is it just me?

    I still really don't care for the interface as it is still klunkier than every other forum site I use online, but I sliog through it.   And I don't contribute a lot since it feels like not a lot is going on.


    ...just sayin'...

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    Indeed much quieter these days. In fact, March averaged 29.0 Posts per day so far compared to 62.5 in January 2013 (which was already much lower than previous averages of 200/day (very close to the "other" forum) which stayed pretty constantly at this value for a long time (Jan 2013: 216, Feb 2013: 178)...

    just sayin'...


    • wwwjd
      wwwjd commented
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      where'd you find the post per day numbers?   so, seems like it is  a little more than 75% drop of posts?   Wow, just wow.  All the time and probably money they spent... for this?  How was this a good idea?

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    The hideous new interface and general inactivity are mainly why I don't post anymore.

    FWIW, I do peek in every day or two...


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      I've been trying to do less posting/gear-lusting and more playing.




      Hasn't worked as well as I'd hoped, though -- instead, I moved over to lurking at Muff's and I'm now GASsing hard for a Sub Phatty.  :robotsurprised:

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      • AnotherScott
        AnotherScott commented
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        I think another issue is that seeing new messages requires clicking on the dimmed number in the New column, which is not obvious (it doesn't even look clickable).

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      I just don't have much to say these days.
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        hardly come here any more, particulalrly since the forum overhaul.

        i like the look, but the functionality is dreadful.

        all i want is a list of current topics. sometimes i stumble on it but more often than not i get a list of posts or a list of topics that repeats the same topic over and over. and when i log in the forum gets in the way when i try to navigate around.

        it's a shame because gearslutz is pretty low on quality these days.
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        • AnotherScott
          AnotherScott commented
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          hogberto wrote:
          all i want is a list of current topics. sometimes i stumble on it but more often than not i get a list of posts or a list of topics that repeats the same topic over and over. and when i log in the forum gets in the way when i try to navigate around.

          I'm not sure what you mean. But there is a Preferences section under My Settings at the top right which has some options you might want to adjust.

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        Their passion for argument over actual discussion doesnt suit me
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          Here's to a more positive (busier) future.

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