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  • So, even if...

    1. I host the EuCon Control App on a MacBook
    2. I run the EuCon Workstation App on a PC
    3. I run Sonar 8.31 which is EuCon aware
    4. All of the above connect to same ethernet switch and see each other

    I can only use the MC Pro and Not the Artist series?

    I've been under the impression that hosting the control app on the mac is what is necessary.



    • I don't think it would work. The Eucontrol daemon that runs on the mac and comes with the Artist series supports the Artist Series controllers. I believe you need to run the Eucon aware app and the Eucpontrol on the same machine. Since the Eucontrol for the PC only supports the MC Pro then i do not see how the Artist series could work.


      • Well I just got the MC Mix, and it works PERFECTLY with Sonar 8.31 on Windows (hosting the control app on a Mac). Note that Sonar has a EuCon plugin that needs to be downloaded, in addition to the MC Client software from Euphonix.


        • Here's the steps ...

          First I grabbed http://connect.euphonix.com/software/EuControl_v1.3.1.dmg and installed that on my Mac. Reboot Mac.

          Next, I grabbed the Euphonix PC client software from http://connect.euphonix.com/software/EuConWS_1_4_1_061166.zip and installed that on my Sonar PC. Reboot the PC.

          Then, I downloaded and installed the Sonar EuCon plugin from here https://www.cakewalk.com/support/kb/reader.aspx?ID=20080104. Reboot PC

          Connect the MC Mix, add Windows PC to My Workstation and Attach

          Now, from the Sonar help file, it says:

          2. In SONAR, use the Options-Controllers/Surfaces command to open the Controllers/Surfaces dialog.
          3. Click the Add Controller/Surface button, which opens the Controller/Surface Settings dialog.
          4. In the Controller/Surface field of the Controller/Surface Settings dialog, select EuCon Controller.
          5. Click OK to close the Controller/Surface Settings dialog.

          Everything on the MC Mix works beautifully with Sonar as my DAW



          • That's great!!! It's good to know if I want to use my Artist series with my pc. I have a mac mini that is doing nothing and could definitely host the control app.


            • New 2.02 firmware adds the capability to assign soft keys to functions that can then control the jog wheel. Now your not limited to the hard coded funcitons of the transport seciton and a few other commands to control the wheel. Additionally, there are sensitivity settings for the wheel too.