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    Quote Originally Posted by spoonie g
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    hey man, to each his own. ive played some epi's that were every bit as good as gibson counterparts.

    Me too--from a playability standpoint.
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      it looks sweet!!


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        That 339 kinda reminds me of my 64 es330. It was light as a feather an fretted easier than any guitar I've ever played.

        Of course it had feedback and vibration problems on a rock stage but sooo easy to play it spoiled me for the rest of my life. I compare all guitars to the es330's playability for a small hand person like me...thin neck with ease of access to the highest of notes like no bodies business. That guitar would make an instant blues player out of anyone.

        Lord I miss it after letting it go 10 years ago in a $ bind...but I've got a LP that a goodern too and now a new Strat. courtesy of a gift giver..(first one in my life).

        Thanks for the eval. What a guitar that 339 is. I think if I were still giggin I would have to get one.


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          I reckon I may just have found my next's affordable, it looks great and from what I've heard they sound great in any environment too! Off to the bank I go!


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            Quote Originally Posted by otaypanky
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            I have owned a '66 ES-335 since '68. I bought it from a grade school buddy along with a '66 Deluxe Reverb and paid the handsome sum of $200. for both.

            Adjusted for inflation, that is $1219.75 in 2009 $.
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              Has anyone done a back to back comparison with the Gibson ES-356? Curious to hear how the 339 and 356 compare?


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                Quote Originally Posted by rrrredrvr
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                Has anyone done a back to back comparison with the Gibson ES-356? Curious to hear how the 339 and 356 compare?

                Like that idea too; CS-356 would be another candidate for comparision...

                I have been toying with an 339, but the one's that I have seen "hanging" around seemed to have some of the QA problems that others have seen too. So I have been thinking about it's truly custom shop cousin the ES-359, but there are two things holding me back, the gold hardware and the price. Is it truly worth 50% more than the 339?
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                  I tried a few of the Gibson 339s when they were around but didn't like any of them. Stiff knobs, high actions and chunky 'cornered' necks. I did try a demo guy's 336 which had *exactly* the sound I was after. When the Epi 339s came out I tried an Ultra which was much closer to that 336 sound than any of the Gibson 339s I'd tried, also better setup and action and neck profile more to my liking.

                  When the 'normal' Epi 339 arrived it was very close sound to the 336 and also had coil splits so I bought a Vintage Burst. I later got a 'natural' blonde which isn't quite as good higher on the neck and shows sanding marks close to the binding in certain lighting, but figured the 339 size may not be permanently around like 335 or LP so got it while I can.

                  One guy tried 10-12 Gibson 339s before finding one he liked, then changed everything metal on it! I wouldn't recommend anything requiring 10-12 samples, but you may luck into a good one. Definitely not one to buy unseen or untried.

                  One caveat about the Epi 339s, the 'both' PU setting is *very* OOP and lowers level too, so best with one of the vols backed slightly for most tonal blends.

                  The Ultra acoustic PU is *much* louder than the mags, on mixed o/p, so best set low lest accidentally selected with the push pot, and only a little led on the PU bezel to show. I know one guy who played an entire 1/2 set on a Parker Fly with the acoustic pu selected accidently!


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                    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeo
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                    The ES 335 is one of person favs that I own, I have seen the ads for the ES-339, which looks closer to the size a a Les Paul. The biggest hurdle of the ES 335 is the size, especially when some of us come from Les Paul and SG territory.

                    Either way the 339 looks very sweet, and I personally don't think the street price is bad either. Now on that note and not to take the wind out of the sails of anything Gibson did on this one, but The Heritage Prospect has been around for years. With this being said, when I test drove both the Heritage and the Gibson ES 335 I choose the the Gibson. I have zero regrets, and personally prefer it to my Les Paul and my SG.

                    I think when folks look at the ES 335 they think jazz box, which is to bad, cause it offers a lot more and delivers some sweet classic tones. Maybe with a slightly smaller body style folks that play more rock oriented music will look at this one.

                    Would even mind test driving that 339 myself. So "the powers that be at Gibson" if you're out there just give me a call and I'll tell you where to send one. Oh my Birthday is also just around the corner too.


                    Concur with you Mikeeo thst the 335 is a great and versatile guitar.Not only great for jazz and most forms of blues but just look at the Cream '68 Farewell Concert at the Albert Hall where Eric screams out with that beautiful Cherry 335 in a high powered fashion.It makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.I've had a couple of 335's and they were great but now I play a 137 with mahogany centre block and vintage '57 pick ups which adds another aspect onto the semi-solid vibe.Another great guitar which is a preferable shape for me.regards,Rich