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Switch mods? (Boss FB-2 Feedbacker / Booster)


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  • Switch mods? (Boss FB-2 Feedbacker / Booster)

    Hi everyone! At the recommendation of Phil O'Keefe, I'm breaking out of the HCFX bubble to enlist your help and knowledge.

    The FB-2 has a boost that engages via latched switching. However, I only like this pedal for the feedback function and wish to keep the boost off.

    It is possible to engage the feedback from the off position by pressing and holding the switch like usual (momentary). The boost engages along with it, but it remains engaged when the user's foot is removed. So, a second tap is required.

    I'm looking for any info on how to modify this pedal so the second tap is no longer a necessity. Can it be done? How? Or why not?

    The original discussion is here.

    Thanks in advance for any and all input! I'll be checking back.

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    Haven't been able to find a schematic, so far.
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      I'd have to see a schematic or see what kind of switch thats in there.

      I'm not sure if its a single latching or double latching switch by the description.

      If its a double latching switch, rehousing and having two separate switches may be

      the thing you want. If its a momentary switch and theres some kind of logic latching,

      then two switches wont be an option without modifying the circuit logic.