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Mod Boss TU-2 to carry stereo signal


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  • Mod Boss TU-2 to carry stereo signal

    Hi there.  Does anyone know if it's possible to mod a Boss TU-2 so that it will carry a stereo signal to the output?  I have a Fender Nashville Power Tele that has the Fishman piezo bridge along with the magnetic pickups.  I'd like to split the signal after the tuner, instead of having a Y cable before the tuner.  I'm comfortable with soldering, so that's not the issue.  Just not sure how and what to do to make this happen.



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    I'm not sure how your tele is wired. Does it use a stereo cable that ends in a TRS jack?

    If so, you may be able to wire the input jack of the boss with a switching TRS jack that still activates the battery of the pedal, and you could run the tip or ring over to either the bypass or output jack.

    I havent seen inside that pedal. If the jacks are mounted to the board, I personally wouldnt mess with it. If the jacks are separate it shouldnt be that hard to rewire. I'd be sure to draw a diagram of how its currently wired so you could always wire it back to the original wiring scheme.


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      I would suspect that the TU-2 is mono throughout. Not feasible, just my .02, but anything can be done if you throw enough money at it.
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        Thanks for the input, guys. WRGKMC, the guitar is wired so that when a stereo plug is put in the guitar, the signal is split where the tip sends the magnetic pickup, and the ring sends the piezo. The guitar comes with a TRS to TS Y cable (which I lost years ago). So I built a stereo jack to mono TS plugs and attached it to my pedalboard, which then goes to two tuners. I'd like to only use one tuner and split the signal after that.

        The TU-2's jacks are not soldered to the board. They're wired to it.


        • WRGKMC
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          The tuner is mono. You have to use one pickup or the other through the tuner circuit. The other has to be bypassed. You cannot combine both signals, pass them through a tuner circuit, then separate those signals after thay have passed through the circuit. The two pickup signals must remain separate until the point where you'd plan on mixing them together to feed a single amp. This mixing is best done with an active box because of the differences in impedance. If you're feeding two amps, then you can leave the two feeds independant of each other throughout the chain.

          The tuner will tune the notes the same using the piezo or the inductive pickups so there is no need to combine them in the tuner itself, in fact, you can have either feed the tuner as a tapped signal and have nothing coming out of the tuner.

          You can build a simple box with a stereo TRS jack in and a pair of mono jacks out to substitute for your Y jack. Then add a third jack that feeds the tuner. If you want to switch between pickups you simply add a spst switch that will toggle between one pickup or the other.

          Most who install Piezo pickups also install an on board active preamp/blender. It matches the impedance and blends the two tones together inside the guitar. If you want to keep them separate to feed two amps then you can still have the piezo preamp on board. Or you can put the preamp inside the box I mentioned. Piezo signals are weak and you loose allot of frequency response over the cables. Having the preamp as close to the pickup in the chain insures the least amount of loss and lowest noise levels. Some have boxes and a multi conductor cable to carry the battery voltage to the preamp/mixer in the guitar. Saves them from having to change batteries.

          Theres a bunch of ways of doing things. Modding pedals isnt nessasary as I mentioned. If you have the space on your pedal board, I'd just buy a stereo input jack, three mono jacks and an spst switch. get a small hammond box, drill your holes and wire it up. The whole deal may cost your $15 is you dig for the parts on line. This way you have a neat and compact way of doing what you want and you dont devalue the tuner pedal and possibly destroy it in the process.

          You could even stick one of these mini preamps in there to boost the Piezo signal to make up for cable losses. http://artecsound.com/pickups/electronics/vtc.html


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        Where would you put the small cap in? I've read on some message boards about adding a resistor on the input jack, which I've tried, but it doesn't help.

        The second tuner is more or less a mute, which also provides a tuning function (pretty necessary when changing guitars). I'm not trying to tune the pickups differently or anything. I just need to be able to mute the signal, and the tuner is pretty effective at that. Also, I have lots of capo use and alternate tunings, so a tuner is most definitely necessary for me.

        I'll check out that Planet Waves. My only experience with a strobe tuner is a Peterson, and while very accurate, it is not exactly quick and easy.


        • isaac42
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          Put the cap across the switch terminals.