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Sonar X2 has been out awhile now; how is it treating you?


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  • Sonar X2 has been out awhile now; how is it treating you?

    I always wait out big generational steps in softwares ... There seemed to be allot of bitching about bugs in X1 ... Now that were at X2 is it safe to come out of the 8.5 saftey zone ??????

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    I have the same question.......anyone??


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      Works good. Simple. Works good.

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    I like it,  and it's the DAW I feel most comfortable in.     They have done some curious things---     such as putting the BOUNCE TO TRACKS command in a (to me) obscure,  hidden place that's unintuitive.    My software philosophy is,    the most basic,   rudimentary commands--   the things most basic to editing---    should be right up front 'n' center,   where a chimpanzee could find them without ever resorting to helpfiles.      The tweak-y,   new fancy **************** makes for good eye candy,   and flatters some newbie users into thinking they're doing something cutting-edge,    but it should take its place behind the most basic,  "dumb" commands.   I can't see as there should be any exception to that rule.    For ANY software on any discipline.

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      I use it all the time. I got X1 very early on, when it was still buggy and weird. I installed it side-by-side with 8.5.3. Once I got used to X1, I could work much faster even with the bugs, and whenever I went back to 8.5.3 I always felt slowed down.

      X1 went through a bunch of improvements. But X2 tightened down a lot of screws, and does everything I need. Things that seemed like odd choices at first have, over time, become very comfortable for me.