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  1. we need to stop encouraging these greedy songwriter types ...... How can the poor , destitute club owner who is only selling single beers at a price that one could buy the entire six pack for a block away at seven eleven ever stay in business when the original creators of the entertainment that in part , is helping bring in the patrons, then have a means to claw back a pittance of a percentage ??? It is all so very wrong , wanting remuneration for their efforts . DOWN WITH SONGWRITERS!!!
  2. All of you report to the principles office at once!!!
  3. I once heard a cover band who did the finest example of a song I ever had occasion to witness , and in fact, their version eclipsed the originators by quite some margin ......The song was Bachman Turner Overdrives " Bak'in Carrot Biscuts "
  4. You don't have that burning desire along with most people on these forums, hence it doesn't make sense to you. Make sense? That was condescending!!! Everyone must choose their own path. I understand the mindset you have adopted completely and would never deny that there is great empowerment in determination , persistence and dedication . ( In fact , the English language seems to have an abundance of words for this quality !!) But sometimes the environment is such that all the stick-to-it-ness in the universe can't help . It is wise for a person to try and evaluate the landscape ( just as a great war time commander is ever vigilant in his awareness of topography ) ... If you look at the lions share of success books out there , including the grand daddy of them all ( Think and grow rich ) you will find they all extol the never quit no matter what mantra . Take a peak out side the existing comfort zone and get and read " The Dip " by Seth Godin. It's a inexpensive and short book . I would add that if you you look at the most successful battle field leaders in history , they all were adept at identifying a no win circumstance and would begrudgingly go ahead and retreat and live to fight another day ! " Discretion is the better part of valor " Please understand that I offer up these words in the spirit of good will sventvkg! I have nothing but respect for your love of music and consider you a kindred spirit ... Remember that in all things , balance is the key .
  5. Since you brought up the lottery; My old math teacher once said that the chances of getting hit by lightning were something along the lines of 750,000 to 1 . By that fact he reckoned that he wasn't going to play the lottery unless he got hit by lightning twice....... Sports is one analogy , but the higher levels are a pure meritocracy . I'm not sure what the hell music is these days !!!
  6. Thing is man I know some successful people now and NONE of them would have ever been here if they didn't go all in. If they hadn't quit being a lawyer, left college with 1 class to go, moved to LA on a whim with no money, quit a successful career in something else to go for a dream, etc etc, none of them would have been able to accomplish what they did. It just goes on and on and I could tell story after story and quote successful artist/musician after artist/musician but the point is..No risk No reward. In this game you have to go for it full hog with blinders or you ain't gonna make it. Kinda like Sports. Can't 1/2 ass this shit. Therein lies the conundrum!!! And the point you make is why copyright law was brought into existence . Good old fashioned values held that a days work deserved it's reward .... Of course the bigger risk you take the bigger the thud should things not pan out . Contingency's are pretty much in order in todays world of outsourcing and offshoring and technologies "progress" sometimes being the same as a bull in the china shop ....
  7. It's not the glut of amateur music that's killing the music business, it's killing the perceived value of music. There's a difference. One has money attached to it, the other is the desire to hear the song again. Another issue that has cropped up is related to the "me ,me , me" attitude is the use of the term "filler" in relation to cuts on an album that someone id displeased with . I'm willing to admit that the majors contributed to there being lesser efforts on albums either by pushing a writer timewise (" haste makes waste" ) or by just plain knowing that they had a single that was a hit then shoving unrefined songs together to make it a full length album . Obviously those in the industry who did this were shooting themselves in the foot . But the Freetard nation uses the "filler" strawman as a catch-all reason to justify stealing only songs they regard as worthy from an album . As a writer , I'm always trying to write stuff that will be popular . I want to produce an album that's all hits ... who would'nt ??? ( and you can bet your sweet bippy that the record company want that too !!!) But you can't please all the people all the time , and a writer also needs to follow the muse , which can and does lead you down paths that vary from the pop hit formulas ... How many interviews have you read where an artist notes that the song they thought would be a hit doesn't happen , and yet a song not as dear to them hits it big ?? How can you tell an artist to paint the same picture over and over again and always make it a hit , or like that other song ?? Was that song that did'nt rub you the right way loved by someone else ?? ... FILLER
  8. Interesting; All talk about the physical media ( I.E. canvas and paint ) and not enough about the fact that it seems that the real victim is the songwriting craft.... With the deluge of homemade , dilitante "content" , the music industry goes down the same path as Television.. a 50-50 proposition filled with lowest common denominator dreck. Anyone can write a song! And without the ability to make it a vocation as opposed to an avocation ,When The effort expended into the craft amounts to stolen moments here and there, It will yeild throw away efforts that will not stand the test of time. A society that stops supporting the arts gets the art it deserves ... you reap what you sow . No worries though , There is always T-shirt and trinket sales to be had:facepalm: This isn't only about the devaluation of physical media my friends:cry:
  9. Thanks to all of you for posting realistic posts on this thread. That's refreshing! And thanks for reading this!! Warm regards, Michael Thanks for stopping by. Sort of slow around this forum though ; musicians seem to think they don't need to pay attention to the buisness aspects of things . too bad................I'll just make music and then pow "then a miracle happens" ..... then you're a star!!! I'm glad you re-affirmed that taxi could'nt make me a star for $300 !!!
  10. Uber taxi thread over here; http://songwriter101.com/forum/threads/14518_0_20_160_C/ It seems to be that you are encouraged to "get commercial" if you want this service to work for you . If the screeners tell you something over and over again (get to the chorus sooner that the 2 minute mark !!) and you refuse too based on your artistic vision , then you should'nt use this service . It's more about the buisness, catering to what has been asked for .
  11. and only Yamaha has the tight integration with Cubase SX. Which makes a Sonar user like me wonder how well they play together !!! Since Roland is now in with sonar , they better catch up soon!!!!! Which reminds me Craig , You Still need to get into the optional FW card and the KORG implementation of " studio connectivity. I went by the forum and there are some doubts about how that facet of the M3 is going !!! also the synth editor for PC needs a look (Crackes the Whip whilst laughing manically !!!) Cheers:thu:
  12. Great review , My first question is about the amount of storage for samples. Let me first explain that I have learned all about synths starting from software and am now getting into the hardware side of things , so , I might be coming from a "software-centric" paradigm here!. Is the need for all those minutes of sampling time related to ambient , evolving pad type of stuff ? I mean most of the old romplers could make a hell of a lot of sound from 32mb of waves, right ? When you say up to 80 minutes of time , it makes me think someone needs a recording deck , not a workstation! That said , it seems to me that the Motif XS , having 8 "elements " ( is that like rapture x 2 ? ) all with different ways to trigger them ( so you can vary the samples into articulation groups ) makes me think of soft samplers like Kontak with scarbee Black bass and key switching . But that is an instrument that streams from disk and takes up 1.5 gig !! Still the motif is very sample (rompler) centric with it's big ass Rom ( lots of waves there) and has a beefed up DSP ability , so it sounds great !! There a some keys that act like the "key switchihg" in those soft samplers and allow you to switch between say a heavy plucked sound or a harmonic or a slapped sample , so I think for doing natural instruments , thats quite a set up !! I like that the M3 has the RADIUS option ( can be had for the time it takes to fill out a form and send the PDF now!!) so you have an VA option, But I am a little bummed that neither is offering FM methods at all ( FM is quite popular in soft synths now ) I myself really dig the new style to ( Being called the I-KORG !!) And Think the touch pad LCD is quite an advantage !!
  13. Go over to the sound on sound archive ... there are articles galore on the subject . You need to partition the HD and make this your "current projects " area . The first area where you set up a logical partition will be on the outside of the disk , which also happens to have the fastest seek and read and write times.If you run a sampler then put all your samples there too . Aslo , If you look at a typical HD that is one giant partition with the OS and all ; after awhile the de-fragment map generated is full of little areas designated as "system " and in a FIXED POSITION!! you don't want that in the middle of a sample file .. Go track down the sos article(s ). Everything you need to know is there . Cheers
  14. Tarsier, The info your wanting is in a book by Simon Cann called"cakewalk Synths, from preset user to power user " ( name may not be exact) It goes into great detail on how to get the most from SFZ( you may Already know this , but I put it up for others out there who may benefit)
  15. Probably the only thing you could do is buy the expansion packs ( CW or 3rd party ) these also have the waveforms you need to run the patches. By the way , I agree with Craig that you need the ability to tweak those patches ! It's quite rare indeed to find one that just happens to fit in your mix. Lots of them are spectrum hogs , and although you can carve them down with eq, it's not the same. Lots of times you'll find one thats in the ball park and then makes some small changes, like say in the attack or lfo speed , then it works much better.
  16. Thanks, Craig! Will do... I'm not sure if you covered them in your last review, but Cakewalk added some other features during the incremental version 6 updates. These include MIDI Input Quantize, X-Ray Windows, the Bit Meter plug-in, Track View Time Display, Friendly MIDI Hardware Port Names, etc. You might want to cover those here as well if you didn't before... Best regards, Scott -- Scott R. Garrigus - Author of Cakewalk, Sound Forge 6, 7/8 and SONAR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Power books. ** Get Sonar 6 Power & Sound Forge 8 Power - Today! ** http://www.garrigus.com/ Publisher of DigiFreq. Win a free Absynth 3 or Kontakt 2 DVD Tutorial and learn cool music technology tips and techniques by getting a FREE subscription to DigiFreq... over 20,000 readers can't be wrong! Go to: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/ Dude , You quit wasting time on the web and get the version 7 guide out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hurry!! (kidding):poke:
  17. Geeze, Why do all the developers release simultainiously? (stupid trade shows), reaper 2.0(user beta) and samp 10 also out just recently. How is a DAW Drunk supposed to inbibe it all in a single chug?? ( I'll take the Buss home!). Don't forget to investigate the side chain options in sonar!! The new Midi stuff could be the thing that takes me into the Cake- walking world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. lol Remember, if louder is better, then loudest is best! "SPOCK, SET LIMITERS ON STUN!!!!!":love: MASSIVE : should we tell him about pre-mastering????????? :freak:
  19. " One key to a great master is to start with a great mix" B. Katz One step at a time, grasshopper. :D :D
  20. My Main Beef(GONE) Was that the best cleans you could get involved the amp working really hard and lots of hiss, Then if you switched to a patch that had the modern or dynatouch moddel WATCH OUT! I got the crap startled outta me several times this way. The way it always started on that highgain noise patch(initialization) pissed me off too I thought the full cyber twin w/ the preamp tubes was probabaly a better Idea, The cyber was just a "poor mans" offering. Really , the way it is for now is that these moddler seem to excell in either good mild gain or heavy distortion and know one seems to offer both inthe same package. The vox valvetronixs does cleans and classisc rock distortion 10000000 times better!!!! maybee you should just pickup the desktop versionof th TL ($300 now) and put in in through the loop to get those sounds.
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