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Skeletons, Demons and Ghosts

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  • Skeletons, Demons and Ghosts

    Just words at this point. No chorus or direction for chorus. I usually write hearing a melody but this time it hasn't come yet. Maybe its just a poem? Anyway-

    My skeletons cant be justified
    No dignity nor shame
    If they had the chance to speak
    They'd whisper just the same

    Courage twisted up real tight
    Pushed down deep inside
    Lives beside two mortal sins
    Jealousy and pride

    My demons can't be pacified
    With wickedness or tears
    I try to run and hide away
    They always smell the fear

    Staring down the rabbit hole
    Trying not to leap
    Every time I close my eyes
    Pray my soul to keep

    The ghosts have now all vaporized
    Lost to wind and time
    All the rest were passers by
    Faces undefined

    Reflections of old memories
    Stories of old wars
    Scars that pass as better times
    Truths that beg for more
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    Some very good images!
    “Good Vibrations” was probably a good record but who's to know? You had to play it about 90 bloody times to even hear what they were singing about. What’s next? Rock opera? —Pete Townshend, Melody Maker Interview, 1966.