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  1. Thank you for the feedback. But I have to disagree. The extra words throw it off time and out of tempo and in my opinion are unnecessary. And some of them throw the meaning of the line off to the point that it looses its meaning or doesn't make sense. Like how does someone dress up "more" like Sundance. The one place i do agree with is the last line to the second verse, " Doesn't feel like we're essential all the time". it is too short and causes a chord change that is not consistent with the rest of the verses. I have been running that line over and over again in my head. Th
  2. I really like the words to this. I have attached a really rough version. Still working on tempo and keeping the tempo and a couple places of the phrasing. It has also been awhile since I've been able to pick up the guitar, and it shows. Homemade Haircuts VI Rona flew in from out of town, much to no one's surprise The straw man in the castle never opened up his eyes Mother Nature waved her hand, telling all of us good-bye Lady Luck held her breath, trying not to cry Randall bows his head at night to say his evening prayers Robin thi
  3. Wrote and roughly recorded this while on vacation. Ever Been VI If I said I love you In a thousand different ways Or lassoed The truth Just for you to give away If I climbed Highest hills And I parted all the seas If I gathered The stars Tell me then would you believe Tell me then Tell me then Would you believe VII If I swayed The moon Into giving tides freewill And suspended All of time Making all the clocks stand still If I talked The sky Into only setting suns Little darling You woul
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